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Paper: Magnetic Fields and Activity Cycles in Solar-Like Stars
Volume: 518, Physics of Magnetic Stars
Page: 68
Authors: Butkovskaya, V.; Plachinda, S.
Abstract: Stellar activity is a key factor of the space weather and a valuable channel of information on processes in inner stellar layers (e.g., convection, circulation, and differential rotation). But the connection between these processes and the surface activity of stars has not been studied enough. The long-term monitoring of magnetic cycles in stars with convective envelopes is the main diagnostic instrument for understanding how dynamo generation and amplification of magnetic fields occur. To date the activity cycles have been detected in hundreds of stars with convective envelopes. As a rule, the activity cycles are derived from photometric measurements or from Ca II S-index variations. We briefly discuss the behavior of the magnetic field within activity cycles in selected solar-like stars based on the results of direct magnetic field measurements using spectropolarimetry.
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