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Paper: Pulsations in roAp Stars and Their Mode Stability
Volume: 518, Physics of Magnetic Stars
Page: 186
Authors: Sachkov, M. E.
Abstract: Rapidly oscillating chemically peculiar A stars (roAp) is a subgroup of the chemically peculiar magnetic A stars. They pulsate in low-degree high-overtone acoustic modes. They provide an excellent opportunity to study the interaction of strong magnetic fields, rotation, and pulsations. Over the last decades, the studies of roAp stars have been altered drastically from the observational point of view through the usage of timeresolved, high-resolution spectra. Their unusual pulsation characteristics, caused by the interplay between short vertical lengths of pulsation waves and strong stratification of chemical elements, allow us to examine the upper roAp atmosphere in more detail than is possible for any star except the Sun. There is a long discussion how stable are their pulsation modes. Here we review results of recent studies of the pulsations of roAp stars.
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