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Paper: Photometric Activity Cycles of UX Ari
Volume: 518, Physics of Magnetic Stars
Page: 191
Authors: Savanov, I. S.; Naroenkov, S. A.; Nalivkin, M. A.; Dmitrienko, E. S.; Karpov, S.; Beskin, G.; Birukov, A.; Bondar, S.; Plokhotnichenko, V.; Ivanov, E.; Katkova, E.; Orekhova, N.; Perkov, A.; Sasyuk, V.; Pandey, J. C.; Karmakar, S.
Abstract: New observations of the RS CVn variable UX Ari were carried out using Mini-MegaTORTORA (MMT-9) wide-field optical monitoring system and robotic wide-angle observation system in Zvenigorod observatory of INASAN. We defined more accurately the cycles of the long-period variability of UX Ari and noticed considerable changes in the shape of the power spectrum. In the long-term region we find three cycles at 5, 13.2 and 30 years. It is possible that some cycles are aliases but the most promising period of 30 years is clearly seen. We suppose that P(cycle) estimations for active stars over 10–50 years intervals should made it possible to build a new family of relations on diagrams P(cycle)/P(rot) versus 1/P(rot).
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