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Paper: A Spectroscopic Study of a New Magnetic Cataclysmic Variable IPHAS J052832.69+283837.6
Volume: 518, Physics of Magnetic Stars
Page: 100
Authors: Gabdeev, M. M.; Borisov, N. V.; Shimansky, V. V.; Kolbin, A. I.; Nikolaeva, E. A.
Abstract: In this paper we present a spectroscopic study of a new polar IPHAS J052832.69+283837.6. The spectra of the star have emission lines of H I, He I, He II, C II, C III–N III, and Fe II overlaid on cyclotron humps. Near phase zero a self-eclipse of the accretion structure occurs. We used the radial velocities of the Hβ emission line to estimate system's parameters: i = 37.°5±2.°5, M2 = 0.085±0.005, M1 = 0.69±0.08. Also, the mass of the secondary was estimeted using the 2MASS-catalogue magnitudes for the star. Doppler maps has shown that the main emission regions are on the heated surface of the secondary and in the spot of the accretion stream, where matter is being captured by the magnetic field. Cyclotron radiation modeling allowed us to determine the magnetic field of the accretion region B = 41 MG.
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