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Paper: Short Timescale Line Profile Variations in Spectra of OB Stars: the Case of ρ Leo
Volume: 518, Physics of Magnetic Stars
Page: 153
Authors: Batrakov, A. A.; Kholtygin, A. F.; Fabrika, S.; Valeev, A.
Abstract: The paper continues the study of superfast line profile variations (LPV) in spectra of early-type stars. The multimode focal reducer SCORPIO at the 6-meter telescope (BTA) was used to obtain 1271 low-resolution spectra of ρ Leo (B1 Iab). Regular LPVs for H I, He I, Fe II, N II, O II, Si III, and other ion lines with periods from ∼ 2 to ∼ 90 minutes and an amplitude of 1–2% of the continuum level are detected. Nonregular LPVs were also detected at time intervals less then a minute. The harmonics of LPVs with periods less than 10 minutes appear to be variable. During 128 minutes of observation their periods can change by ∼ 40%. Possible causes of such fast spectral variations are discussed.
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