Title: The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Dawn
Volume: 344 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Lidman, Christopher; Alloin, Danielle
ISBN: 1-58381-211-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-278-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 344 Cover European Southern Observatory; Lidman, C.; Alloin, D.
Front Matter   
Volume 344 Front Matter 1 Lidman, C.; Alloin, D.
Conference Photograph   
Volume 344 Conference Photograph 2 Lidman, C.; Alloin, D.
Invited Tutorial   
Observing Procedures at Millimeter and Sub-millimeter Wavelengths: Imaging an Astronomical Object 3 Guelin, M.
Cosmology and Extragalactic Astronomy   
The Cosmic Microwave Background as a Cosmological Probe 29 Spergel, D.N.
The CBI Project and Latest Results 37 Bustos, R.
Sunyaev-Zeldovich Observations of Massive Clusters of Galaxies 45 Gomez, P.L.; Romer, K.A.; Valkonen, L.; Runyan, M.; Goldstein, J.; Kuo, C.; Holzapfel, W.; Ruhl, J.; Peterson, J.; Lange, A.
Radio Astronomical Probes of Cosmic Reionization and the First Luminous Sources: Probing the 'Twilight Zone' 50 Carilli, C.L.
[C II] 158 μm Probes of Damped Lyα Systems 67 Wolfe, A.M.
Damped Lyman Alpha Systems in GRB Afterglows: Probing Dense Regions in GRB Host Galaxies 79 Vreeswijk, P.; Ellison, S.; Ledoux, C.; Wijers, R.; Hjorth, J.
Unveiling the Dusty Cocoon of High-z Starbursts as Progenitors of Present-day Ellipticals 85 Hanami, H.
SMA CO(3-2) Observation of the Seyfert 2 Galaxy M51 90 Matsushita, S.; Lim, J.
Poster: The Evolution of Galaxy Clustering in MUSYC 96 Padilla, N.D.; Infante, L.
Poster: The VLT-UVES Survey for H2 in High-redshift Damped Lyman-α Systems 98 Ledoux, C.; Petitjean, P.; Srianand, R.
Poster: Exploring the Nature of Red Quasars - an Update. 101 Smith, M.G.; Norman, D.; Green, P.; Silverman, J.; Barkhouse, W.; Wilkes, B.; Glikman, E.; Helfand, D.
Poster: Properties of Quasar Environments at z < 0.2 103 Coldwell, G.; Lambas, D.G.
Poster: The Effect of Galaxy Environment on Star Formation in Galaxy Pairs 107 Alonso, M.S.; Lambas, D.G.; Tissera, P.; Coldwell, G.
Galactic Astronomy   
Dust Formation, Composition and Evolution 113 Dartois, E.
Emission Processes in the Interstellar Medium 126 Ho, P.T.P
A New Radio Emission Mechanism in the ISM 140 Casassus, S.
Molecular Clouds: Fragmentation, ing and Observations 146 Rodriguez, L.F.
Giant Molecular Clouds in the Magellanic Clouds 155 Fukui, Y.
H3+ in Dense and Diffuse Clouds, in our Galaxy and beyond 162 Geballe, T.R.
Observations of the Herbig Ae Star AB Aur using the Submillimeter Array 168 Ohashi, N.; Lin, S.
The Ara OB1 Association and its Molecular Complex 173 Arnal, E.M.; Romero, G.A.; May, J.; Minniti, D.
Atomic and Molecular Gas in the Surroundings of the Ring Nebula RCW78 179 Cappa, C.E.; Rubio, M.; Martin, M.C.; McClure-Griffiths, N.M.
A Chemical Study of the PDR around Mon R2 184 Rizzo, J.R; Fuente, A.; Garcia-Burillo, S.
Studying Young Circumstellar Disks with ALMA 190 Menard, F.
Circumstellar/Protoplanetary Disks and Bipolar Jets at 5AU Resolution 200 Lim, J.; Takakuwa, S.
The HDO Abundance in the Solar-type Protostar IRAS 16293—2422 206 Caux, E.; Parise, B.; Castets, A.; Ceccarelli, C.; Tielens, A.
Poster: An Unbiased Spectral Survey of the Solar-type Protostar IRAS 16293—2422 212 Castets, A.; Caux, E.; Bacmann, A.; Cazaux, S.; Ceccarelli, C.; Comito, C.; Helmich, F.; Kahane, C.; Parise, B.; Schilke, P.; Tielens, A.G.G.M.; Van, E.; Dischoeck, Wakelam, V.; Walters, A.
Poster: SIMBA Observations of the N159/N160 Complex in the LMC 215 Rantakyroe, F.T.; Rubio, M.; Johansson, L.E.B.; Chini, R.; Merkel-Ferreira, E.
Poster: Molecular Outflows in the R Coronae Australis Region 218 Knee, L.
Poster: Imaging the Circumstellar Envelopes around Evolved Stars with the SMA 220 Hirano, N.; Muller, S.; Dinh-V-Trung
Poster: Mid- and Far-infrared Structures around WR Stars 222 Rizzo, J.R.; Manchado, A.
Astronomical Facilities on the Chajnantor Plateau 227 Rubio, M.
Status of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array 232 Wilson, T.L.; Beasley, A.J.; Wootten, H.A.
Progress Report on the Japanese ALMA Project 237 Kawabe, R.
The Atacama Submillimeter Telescope Experiment 242 Kohno, K.
Recent Achievements with CEA Filled Bolometer Arrays 248 Rodriguez, L.
Conference Summary   
Conference Summary 257 Geballe, T.R.
Back Matter   
Volume 344 Back Matter 263 Lidman, C.; Alloin, D.