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Paper: The HDO Abundance in the Solar-type Protostar IRAS 16293—2422
Volume: 344, The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Dawn
Page: 206
Authors: Caux, E.; Parise, B.; Castets, A.; Ceccarelli, C.; Tielens, A.
Abstract: From JCMT and IRAM observations of five HDO lines towards the solar-type protostar IRAS 16293—2422, we derive the HDO abundance, x, and the deuteration ratio, f = HDO/H2O, in the warm inner part and in the cold outer part of the envelope. We find xHDOin = 1×10−7, xHDOout ≤ 1 × 10−9 (3σ), fin =3% and fout ≤ 0.2% (3σ). This is consistent with the formation of water in the gas phase during the cold prestellar core stage and with the storage of molecules on dust grains. The HDO enhancement is due to ice evaporation from the grains in the inner envelope.
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