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Paper: Poster: Imaging the Circumstellar Envelopes around Evolved Stars with the SMA
Volume: 344, The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Dawn
Page: 220
Authors: Hirano, N.; Muller, S.; Dinh-V-Trung
Abstract: The submillimeter array (SMA) is a powerful instrument to probe the circumstellar structure of evolved stars. High resolution (2−l4᱋) CO J=2−1 and 3−2 images show that the carbon star V Hya is powering a bipolar molecular jet having an extreme velocity of 70−175 kms−1. The axis of this high velocity jet is perpendicular to the major axis of a flattened disk-like envelope that is expanding with a velocity of ∼16kms−1. We also obtained excellent images of VY CMa in the CO J=2−1, 13CO J=2−1 and the SO 65−54 lines. The highresolution images obtained with the SMA show that circumstellar envelopes have unexpectedly complex structure.
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