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Paper: Dust Formation, Composition and Evolution
Volume: 344, The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Dawn
Page: 113
Authors: Dartois, E.
Abstract: Interstellar dust is a key element in the evolution of galaxies. It plays an important role in the thermal balance of matter, provides the first surfaces of the universe where physicochemical reactions are at work to form H2 and more complex molecules, provokes extinction and reprocesses stellar light, therefore strongly affecting radiative transfer. To understand the origin, composition and evolution of dust in galaxies, it is therefore crucial to get insights into this major component and, when necessary, decouple its influence on the phenomena astronomers want to decipher from observations, models and laboratory experiments. The study of dust is a vast subject in astrophysics. The reader is invited to look at the many reviews on dust found in the literature.
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