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Paper: A Chemical Study of the PDR around Mon R2
Volume: 344, The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Dawn
Page: 184
Authors: Rizzo, J.R; Fuente, A.; Garcia-Burillo, S.
Abstract: Around one of its IR sources, Mon R2 contains the nearest ultracompact HII region. Here we report the results of an observational campaign carried out with the IRAM 30m radiotelescope. We have detected reactive ions (CO+ and HOC+) and small hydrocarbons (c-C3H2 and C2H) arising from the interface between the ionized gas and the dense cold envelope. This interface is chemically identified as a Photo-dissociation Region (PDR), where we have determined the physical conditions and abundances of several species. The emission lines associated to the PDR are remarkably narrow, which may indicate that it is made of thin layers of excited gas. This region would be an excellent target for future studies using the ALMA facility, because of the small angular scale (less than 4″) and the nearly-equatorial declination.
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