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Paper: Atomic and Molecular Gas in the Surroundings of the Ring Nebula RCW78
Volume: 344, The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Dawn
Page: 179
Authors: Cappa, C.E.; Rubio, M.; Martin, M.C.; McClure-Griffiths, N.M.
Abstract: We present a study of the neutral atomic and molecular gas associated with the ring nebula RCW78 around the WR star HD117688 (WR55) based on HI 21cm line data and CO(1—0) observations obtained with SEST. The analysis of the neutral atomic gas distribution reveals a Hi shell, which is interpreted as the neutral gas counterpart of the optical ring nebula RCW78, while the CO observations show the presence of molecular material interacting with the nebula. The surface of the detected molecular cloud has probably been photodissociated and ionized by the UV photons from the WR star.
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