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Paper: Unveiling the Dusty Cocoon of High-z Starbursts as Progenitors of Present-day Ellipticals
Volume: 344, The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Dawn
Page: 85
Authors: Hanami, H.
Abstract: We present an analysis of the spectral energy distribution (SED) of sub-millimeter detected galaxies (SMGs) that allows us, through SED evolution models that take into account dust and chemical evolution, to investigate the intrinsic properties of the associated starbursts, such as the starburst age and the mean stellar metallicity. We argue that SMGs are the progenitor of presentday elliptical galaxies, provided that the initial mass function (IMF) in SMGs is slightly flatter than the Salpeter IMF. This picture is supported by the following findings: 1) the mean predicted present-day magnitude of SMGs is similar to that of L* elliptical galaxies, 2) the predicted present-day color-magnitude relation of the SMGs is consistent with that of elliptical galaxies, 3) the predicted presentday magnitude-size relation of elliptical galaxies can be reproduced if massive SMGs consist of multiple starburst regions. Our analysis also found that the massive SMGs tend to show ages > 8 Gyr while some of the less-massive ones can be relatively young < 8 Gyr, which is similar to the down-sizing that is observed in galaxy formation.
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