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Paper: The Ara OB1 Association and its Molecular Complex
Volume: 344, The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Dawn
Page: 173
Authors: Arnal, E.M.; Romero, G.A.; May, J.; Minniti, D.
Abstract: The results of low (HPBW=8.′07) and intermediate (HPBW=2.′07) angular resolution carbon monoxide (12CO J= 1 — 0) line observations toward the OB association Ara OB1 are reported. The molecular features that are likely to be associated with the OB-association span a velocity range from -28 to -20 kms−1. The most negative radial velocities are observed along NGC6188 (also known as the Rim Nebula). The main CO structures, labeled E and F in Fig. 2, have radial velocities of about -23.5 and -21.8kms−1, respectively. The former harbors the IRAS source IRAS 16362−4845 and the infrared cluster RCW108-IR. The observations at intermediate resolution show noticeable changes in shape, peak intensity and full width at half maximum in the line profiles observed toward structures E and F. The large line widths, about 7.5kms−1, found toward structure E very likely reflect the interaction of RCW108-IR with its surrounding molecular gas. A scale down version of this phenomenon is also found toward structure F. The total amount of molecular gas related to structures E and F in NGC6188 is about 8.2×103dMSolar.
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