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Paper: Sunyaev-Zeldovich Observations of Massive Clusters of Galaxies
Volume: 344, The Cool Universe: Observing Cosmic Dawn
Page: 45
Authors: Gomez, P.L.; Romer, K.A.; Valkonen, L.; Runyan, M.; Goldstein, J.; Kuo, C.; Holzapfel, W.; Ruhl, J.; Peterson, J.; Lange, A.
Abstract: We present detections of the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect (SZE) at 150 GHz and 275 GHz for the X-ray luminous z=0.299 cluster 1E 0657-67. These observations were obtained as part of an X-ray, weak lensing, and SZE survey of nearby X-ray bright clusters. The SZE maps were made with the ACBAR (150, 210, 275 GHz) bolometer array installed at the Viper telescope located at the South Pole. We also present preliminary results from a blind SZE cluster survey.
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