Title: The Seventh Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Volume: 362 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Kang, Young Woon; Lee, Hee-Won; Cheng, Kwong-Sang; Leung, Kam-Ching
The Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics series has been held in Asia since 1985. This is the Proceedings of the 7th Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics held at Sejong University, Seoul, Korea, in November 2005. It covers diverse topics in the domain of stellar astrophysics; from stellar formation to the death of stars, from single stars to multiple stellar systems, from normal stars to strange stars, and stable stars to variable stars. Most of the presentations focused on the optical observations and theories on binary stars and neutron stars.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 362 Cover Kang, Y.W.; Lee, H.-W.; Cheng, K.-S.; Leung, K.-C.
Front Matter   
Volume 362 Front Matter 1 Kang, Y.W.; Lee, H.-W.; Cheng, K.-S.; Leung, K.-C.
Conference Photo   
Volume 362 Conference Photograph 2 Kang, Y.W.; Lee, H.-W.; Cheng, K.-S.; Leung, K.-C.
Part 1.
Binary Systems
Eclipsing Binary Flux Units and the Distance Problem 3 Wilson, R.E.
Very Cool Close Binaries 15 Shaw, J.S.; Lopez-Morales, M.
Eclipsing Binaries; The Primary Distance Indicator 19 Kang, Y.-W.; Hong, K.-S.; Lee, J.
Testing Low-Mass Stellar Models: Three New Detached Eclipsing Binaries below 0.75MSolar 26 Lopez-Morales, M.; Shaw, J.S.
Binaries and the Puzzling Temporal Behaviour of 14N in the Solar Neighbourhood 33 Vanbeveren, D.; De Donder, E.
Is Isotropic Mass Loss Seen in (O-C)-Diagrams of Close Binaries? 40 Koch, R.H.; Kim, C.-H.
Interplay between Diffusion, Accretion and Nuclear Reactions in the Atmospheres of Sirius and Przybylski’s Star 46 Yushchenko, A.; Gopka, V.; Goriely, S.; Lambert, D.; Shavrina, A.; Kang, Y.W.; Rostopchin, S.; Valyavin, G.; Lee, B.-C.; Kim, C.
Evolution of Close Binaries with a B-type Primary at Birth 54 van Rensbergen, W.; de Loore, C.; de Greve, J.P.; Jansen, K.
Search for Close Binary Stars during Different Key Stages of the Evolutionary Track from Detached to Overcontact Configurations 63 Qian, S.-B.; Soonthornthum, B.; Zhu, L.-Y; He, J.-J.; Yuan, J.-Z.; Dai, Z.-B.; Liu, L.; Zhang, J.; Liao, W.-P.
Spotted Stars That Get Bluer as They Get Fainter 68 Aarum-Ulvas, V.
Multiwavelength Studies of Five Chromospherically Active Stars 74 Pandey, J.C.; Singh, K.P.; Sagar, R.; Drake, S.A.
Time Resolved, High-Dispersion Spectroscopy of RS CVn Binary V711 Tau 80 Tohiguchi, M.; Iwai, Y.; Sugita, H.; Nogami, D.; Hirata, R.; Masuda, S.
The Low-Mass-Ratio Contact Binaries - V410 Aur, V776 Cas, HN UMa, II UMa 82 Oh, K.-D.; Kim, C.-H.; Kim, H.-I.; Lee, W.-B.
Follow-up Observations of Eclipsing Binary EROS 1017 in the Large Magellanic Cloud 87 Hong, K.-S.; Kang, Y.-W.
Tidal Effects in Binaries 92 Abt, H.A.
Part 2.
Compact Star Systems
Phase-Resolved Spectra of the Crab Pulsar 97 Jia, J.J.; Cheng, K.S.
Pushing the Limit on Neutron Star Spin Rates 105 Galloway, D.
Current Status of Neutron Star Thermal Evolution Theories 111 Tsuruta, S.
Magnetorotational Instability in Proto-Neutron Stars 117 Masada, Y.
The Plasma Structure in the Vicinity of the Jet of SS 433 121 Kubota, K.; Kawai, N.; Kotani, T.; Ueda, Y.; Brinkmann, W.
A Model of Pulsar Radio and Gamma-ray Emissions 126 Qiao, G.J.; Lee, K.J.; Wang, H.G.; Xu, R.X.
Emission from a Flat Accretion Disk with a Finite Radius in a Black-Body Approximation 138 Baklanov, A.V.; Andronov, I.L.
High Energy Emission from Strange Stars 141 Cheng, K.S.; Harko, T.
Galactic Merger Rate of Double-Neutron-Star Systems and Prospects for Detecting Gravitational Waves 151 Kim, C.
Origin of Sgr A East: Hypernova? 158 Lee, S.; Pak, S.; Lee, S.-G.; Geballe, T.R.; Choi, M.; Davis, C.J.; Herrnstein, R.M.; Minh, Y.C.
Constraints on Extra Dimensions and Variable Constants from Cosmological Gamma Ray Bursts 160 Cheng, K.S.; Harko, T.
An X-ray Study of the Central Compact Object in Puppis-A 168 Hui, C.Y.; Becker, W.
Far Ultraviolet Spectral Images of the Cygnus Loop Observed with SPEAR/FIMS 170 Seon, K.-I.; Han, W.; Nam, U.-W.; Park, J.-H.; Edelstein, J.; Korpela, E.J.; Sankrit, R.; Min, K.-W.; Ryu, K.; Kim, I.-J.
Part 3.
Cataclysmics, Symbiotics and Other Variables
White Dwarfs and Boundary Layer Structure in Cataclysmic Binaries 175 Sion, E.M.; Godon, P.; Szkody, P.
The Asynchronous Polar BY Cam: the Quadrupole Structure of the Magnetic Field and Accretion Modes 183 Pavlenko, E.P.; Andreev, M.; Babina, Yu.; Tkachenko, S.
UBV and CCD Observations of Two Intermediate Polars: V795 Her and GK Per 189 Voloshina, I.
Newly Arising Problems in Research on SU UMa-type Dwarf Novae from VSNet Collaborations 195 Nogami, D.
Structure and Evolution of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 200 Andronov, I.L.
Photometric Study of SU UMa-type Dwarf Nova 1RXP J1131.23+4322.5 207 Tanabe, K.; Koizumi, M.
The 2003/2004 Superoutburst of SDSS J013701.06-091234.9 212 Imada, A.; Kubota, K.; Kato, T.; Uemura, M.; Ishioka, R.; Nogami, D.
He II Raman Scattering in the Young Planetary Nebula IC 5117 216 Lee, H.-W.; Jung, Y.-C.; Song, I.-O.
Radial Velocity Analysis of Galactic Planetary Nebulae 222 Hyung, S.; Huh, S.
Broad Hα Wings in Active Symbiotic Stars: The Case of Z Andromedae 228 Skopal, A.A.; Otsuka, M.; Tamura, S.; Vittone, A.A.; Errico, L.; Wolf, M.
Variable Red Giant Stars 234 Wood, P.R.
On the System Parameters of the Dwarf Nova EM Cygni 241 Welsh, W.F.; Froning, C.S.; Marsh, T.R.; Reimer, T.W.; Robinson, E.L.; Wood, J.H.
Variability of Balmer Profiles in Magnetic Ap/Bp Stars 245 Valyavin, G.; Lee, B.-C.; Shulyak, D.; Han, I.; Kochukhov, O.; Khang, D.-I.; Kim, K.-M.
Chemical Composition of Several Pulsating Variable Stars of the λ Boo and δ Sct Types 249 Gopka, V.; Yushchenko, A.; Kim, C.; Lambert, D.; Rostopchin, S.; Kim, S.-L.; Jeon, Y.-B.; Dorokhova, T.; Tarasov, A.; Chernyshova, I.
Stellar Variability Detection in the Era of Virtual Observatories 255 Shin, M.-S.; Byun, Y.-I.
The Non-uniform Surface Chromium Distribution of 78 Vir 258 Khalack, V.R.; Wade, G.A.; Mkrtichian, D.E.
A Book on Astrophysics of Emission-Line Stars 260 Kogure, T.; Leung, K.-C.
Part 4.
Star Formation and Stellar Clusters
The Initial Mass Function of Stars 269 Elmegreen, B.G.
The Initial Mass Function of the Young Open Cluster NGC 2264. II. The Initial Mass Function at the Bottom of the MS Band 275 Sung, H.; Bessell, M.S.; Chun, M.-Y.
A Chemical Abundance Study of three RHB and two RGB stars in NGC 6637 (M69) 279 Lee, J.-W.; Lopez-Morales, M.
Discovery of New Globular Clusters in the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) 286 Kim, S.C.; Lee, M.G.; Park, H.S.; Hwang, H.S.; Geisler, D.; Sarajedini, A.; Harris, W.E.; Seguel, J.C.
Formation of Clouds via Thermal-Gravitational Instability in the Protogalactic Environment 290 Baek, C.H.; Ryu, D.; Kang, H.; Kim, J.
Submillimeter Observations of the 30 Doradus Nebula 297 Kim, S.
A Simulation of Protostar Flares and the Expected X-Ray Spectrum 304 Kawamichi, T.; Shibata, K.
Surface Convection in Sun and a Population II Star 306 Jung, Y.K.; Kim, Y.-C.; Robinson, F.J.; Demarque, P.; Chan, K.L.
Brown Dwarf Like Behaviors of Jupiter 310 Ghosh, K.
Part 5.
Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks 321 Koch, R.H.
Back Matter   
Volume 362 Back Matter 323 Kang, Y.W.; Lee, H.-W.; Cheng, K.-S.; Leung, K.-C.
Volume 362 Photographs 999 Kang, Y.W.; Lee, H.-W.; Cheng, K.-S.; Leung, K.-C.