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Paper: Eclipsing Binaries; The Primary Distance Indicator
Volume: 362, The Seventh Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 19
Authors: Kang, Y.-W.; Hong, K.-S.; Lee, J.
Abstract: We have investigated how much confidence we can place in eclipsing binaries as distance indicators. The absolute visual magnitudes and the photometric distances of the selected 318 eclipsing binaries were calculated and compared with those calculated from Hipparcos parallaxes. The absolute magnitudes and distances of eclipsing binary systems deduced from analysis of light curves and radial velocity curves are confirmed to have the same accuracy as the Hipparcos parallaxes within an error of 10 percent of the parallax value. This means that photometric distances are accurate enough over a couple thousand parsecs on the basis of the eclipsing binaries used in this paper. The photometric distances of contact binaries show good agreement with those of Rucinski (1996).
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