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Paper: Chemical Composition of Several Pulsating Variable Stars of the λ Boo and δ Sct Types
Volume: 362, The Seventh Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 249
Authors: Gopka, V.; Yushchenko, A.; Kim, C.; Lambert, D.; Rostopchin, S.; Kim, S.-L.; Jeon, Y.-B.; Dorokhova, T.; Tarasov, A.; Chernyshova, I.
Abstract: Objects. We present investigation of four pulsating stars: λ Boo, HD210111, ρ Pup and V2314 Oph. Observations. High resolution spectroscopic observations of these stars were made with the 2.7 meter telescope at the McDonald observatory, the VLT and the 2 meter telescope at the Terskol observatory. Photometric observations of V2314 Oph were secured using the 1.2- to 0.4-meter telescopes at five observatories, namely Bohyunsan & Sobak (Korea), Crimea (Ukraine), Maidanak (Uzbekistan), and Dushak-Erekdag (Turkmenistan).

Methods. Chemical composition was investigated using a spectrum synthesis method for all elements except iron. A frequency analysis of photometric data of V2314 Oph was made.

Results. λ Boo - We found the abundances of several light elements, which were not investigated earlier. HD210111 - upper limits of abundances of La, Ce, and Nd and the abundance of Dy and Yb are found for the first time. The profiles of lines in the spectrum are clearly disturbed by pulsation. V2314 Oph appears to be a new λ Boo type star. Its chemical composition is presented for the first time as also are the values of several frequencies of light variations. For ρ Pup, we give a detailed chemical composition for 33 elements. The abundance pattern of this star is similar to that of δ Sct.

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