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Paper: Broad Hα Wings in Active Symbiotic Stars: The Case of Z Andromedae
Volume: 362, The Seventh Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 228
Authors: Skopal, A.A.; Otsuka, M.; Tamura, S.; Vittone, A.A.; Errico, L.; Wolf, M.
Abstract: During the major 2000-2003 outburst of the symbiotic prototype Z And, broad Hα wings extending to about 2 000km s−1 developed. We fitted them with the model of a bipolar stellar wind from the hot star. We determined the corresponding mass-loss rates as 2.310−6MSolar yr−1 at the maximum, 3.310−6MSolar yr−1 during the 2002/03 re-brightening and 1.610−6MSolar yr−1 at the end of the outburst, in 2003 November. A possibility of Raman scattering as the responsible process for the broad Hα wings is briefly discussed.
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