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Paper: A Model of Pulsar Radio and Gamma-ray Emissions
Volume: 362, The Seventh Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 126
Authors: Qiao, G.J.; Lee, K.J.; Wang, H.G.; Xu, R.X.
Abstract: A joint model for a pulsar's radio and γ-ray emission is introduced in this paper. This model is informed by two main concepts. One is inverse Compton scattering (ICS) mechanism for radio emission. The other one is an inner annular region for high energy radiation. In the model the geometry of both radio and γ-ray emission beams can be reproduced. Various morphologies of the radio and γ-ray pulse profiles can also be reproduced by this model. At the radio band, the core and conal emission components are natural results. For the γ-ray band the Geminga-like, Crab-like and Vela-like gamma-ray pulse profiles and their phase shifts relative to radio pulse profiles can be reproduced. There are also some observations, which cannot be understood by traditional models, such as the observed “bi-drifting” phenomenon of PSR J0815+09 which can be well understand in this model. It is also pointed out that pulsars as neutron stars or alternately as strange stars may be tested through radiation.
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