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Paper: The 2003/2004 Superoutburst of SDSS J013701.06-091234.9
Volume: 362, The Seventh Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 212
Authors: Imada, A.; Kubota, K.; Kato, T.; Uemura, M.; Ishioka, R.; Nogami, D.
Abstract: We report on optical photometry of a newly discovered dwarf nova, SDSS J013701.06-091234.9, in 2003 December-2004 January. During the observations, we detected superhumps with a period of 0.056698 (10) days, thus confirming the SU UMa nature of the object. Based on quiescent photometry, we estimated the fractional superhump excess to be 0.024. This value leads us to the conclusion that the star is not a “period bouncer”. Despite the short orbital period of the variable, optical spectroscopy definitely shows TiO bands emitted by the secondary star. We further investigated the object using the 2MASS archive, revealing that the system contains a late M-type star. In conjunction with these results, we suggest that the variable is not a progenitor for \period bouncers" but rather a progenitor for double degenerate systems.
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