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Paper: Surface Convection in Sun and a Population II Star
Volume: 362, The Seventh Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics
Page: 306
Authors: Jung, Y.K.; Kim, Y.-C.; Robinson, F.J.; Demarque, P.; Chan, K.L.
Abstract: Three-dimensional hydrodynamic simulations including radiative energy transfer were performed to study the characteristics of surface convection in Sun and a population II star. To compare convection phenomenon of a Pop II star with that of the Sun, we have constructed a Pop II star whose mass is 0.7 solar mass and metallicity is z = 0.0004. The domain of simulation is a rectangular box containing a convection-radiation transition region with an impenetrable boundary. The mass and the momentum are conserved. The thermal and dynamic variables of each layer, including overshoot, were explored. We found that the effect of turbulence in a Pop II star is lower than that of Sun. The vertical and horizontal sizes of granules, dominantly affected by the turbulence, are also smaller in a Pop II star. These results indicate that a Pop II star has fewer turbulent structures than Sun because of its higher density and surface gravity.
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