Title: Solar and Stellar Physics Through Eclipses
Volume: 370 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Demircan, Osman; Selam, Selim O.; Albayrak, Berahitdin
These proceedings of an international conference held March 2006 in Side, Turkey provide an interdisciplinary overview in the context of eclipse phenomena. It is well known that all kinds of eclipses in astronomy have great power in deducing new information on celestial objects. It is a kind of scanning: information on the eclipsed and eclipsing objects are scanned together with their environment. The information comes as light waves encoded by the process responsible for them. Decoding of the information requires some knowledge of the code. It was demonstrated n the fields of eclipsing binaries, solar and lunar eclipses, mutual eclipses between other solar system members and extra-solar planetary transits that the decoding of eclipse information is like a “Royal Road” to information. This is the power of eclipses.

The principal theme of the meeting was to consider the importance of eclipses in astronomy and to promote exchange of information with an increased level of discussion between those involved in the fields of the Solar and stellar system studies through eclipses. The 7 invited talks, 27 contributed talks, and 24 poster papers all together provide an extensive assessment of both observational and theoretical issues. The book is suitable for researchers and graduate students interested in Solar and stellar astrophysics, and in processes in and around their atmospheres including rotation, pulsation, and the mass motions.

The conference was held on the occasion and just before the great total solar eclipse of 29th March 2006, at Side ÖRSEM Campus of Ankara University, which was just on the center of the totality path.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 370 Cover Demircan, O.; Selam, S.O.; Albayrak, B.; Goerguen, S.H.
Front Matter   
Volume 370 Front Matter 1 Demircan, O.; Selam, S.O.; Albayrak, B.
Conference Photo   
Volume 370 Conference Photograph 2 Demircan, O.; Selam, S.O.; Albayrak, B.
Part 1.
Solar System Physics
Helioseismology and Plasma Physics 3 Dappen, W.
Eclipses and Planetary Transits 13 Gimenez, A.
The Internal Structure of the Asteroids 20 Celebonovic, V.
Solar Variations and Climate on Planets 30 Hanslmeier, A.
The Transition Region Above Sunspots 40 Curdt, W.; Landi, E.
Multiwavelength Observations of Solar Prominences 46 Heinzel, P.
Mass Determination of Small Solar System Bodies with Ground-based Observations 52 Aslan, Z.; Gumerov, R.; Hudkova, L.; Ivantsov, A.; Khamitov, I.; Pinigin, G.
Past and Future Mutual Events of the Natural Planetary Satellites: Need of a Network of Observation 58 Arlot, J.-E.; Stavinschi, M.
Damping of MHD Waves as a Heating Mechanism of Solar Corona 68 Nasiri, S.; Safari, H.; Sobouti, Y.
Some MHD Solutions for the Bottom of the Solar Convective Layer 74 Cavus, H.; Karafistan, A.I.
Is the Solar Intranetwork Field a Resolved Turbulent Field? 81 Bommier, V.; Landi Degl'Innocenti, E.; Landolfi, M.; Molodij, G.
Coronal Heating and Acceleration of the Solar Wind 82 Ofman, L.
Results from the Exoplanet Search Programmes with BEST and TEST 91 Eisloeffel, J.; Hatzes, A.P.; Rauer, H.; Voss, H.; Erikson, A.; Eigmueller, P.; Guenther, E.
Solution of NLTE Radiative Transfer Problems Using Forth-and-Back Implicit Lambda Iteration 97 Atanackovic-Vukmanovic, O.
Coronal Streamer Formation Post CME - Numerical Simulation 103 Dumitrache, C.
Total Solar Eclipses in Europe: from Romania to France 108 Stavinschi, M.; Mioc, V.; Souchay, J.
Eclipses and Ancient Greek Philosophers 115 Rovithis-Livaniou. H.; Rovithis, P.
Part 2.
Stellar Physics
Eclipse Power – Advances From Ancient Times to Artificial Intelligence 125 Guinan, E.F.; Engle, S.E.; Devinney, E.J.
Solar and Stellar EclipseMapping 139 Budding, E.
Evidences on Secular Dynamical Evolution of Detached Active Binary Orbits and Contact Binary Formation 151 Eker, Z.; Demircan, O.; Bilir, S.; Karatas, Y.
Line Profiles during Eclipses of Binary Stars 164 Hadrava, P.
Solar and Stellar Rotation 169 Demircan, O.; Eker, Z.; Filiz-Ak, N.
Introducing Powell’s Direction Set Method to a Fully Automated Analysis of Eclipsing BInary Stars 175 Prsa, A.; Zwitter, T.
Classification of Eclipsing Binaries 181 Malkov, O.Yu.; Oblak, E.; Avvakumova, E.A.; Torra, J.
Eclipsing Binaries in the SMC: Combining VLT Multi-Object Spectroscopy with OGLE Photometry - First Results 188 Gauderon, R.; North, P.; Royer, F.
The oEA Stars 194 Mkrtichian, D.E.; Kim, S.-L.; Rodriguez, E.; Olson, E.C.; Nazarenko, V.; Gamarova, A.Yu.; Kusakin, A.V.; Lehmann, H.; Lee, J.W.; Kang, Y.W.
A Spectroscopic Survey of Algol-type Binary S Equ 201 Soydugan, F.; Soydugan, E.; Frasca, A.
New Observations of the Binary System v Sagittarii 207 Koubsky, P.; Harmanec, P.; Yang, S.; Korcakova, D.; Netolicky,M.; Skoda, P.; Slechta, M.; Votruba, V.
Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of the Eclipsing Binary GSC 4288 0186 213 Bakis, V.; Bakis, H.; Budding, E.; Demircan, O.; Zejda, M.
The Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect in the Eclipsing Binary System V1143 Cyg – First Results 218 Albrecht, S.; Reffert, S.; Quirrenbach, A.; Mitchell, D.S.; Snellen, I.
On the Light Curve Variation of the Be Star EMCep 225 Bakis, H.; Bakis, V.; Demircan, O.; Budding, E.; Tanriver, M.
Determination of Physical Parameters of Cataclysmic Variables from Analysis of Their Light Curves 231 Voloshina, I.; Khruzina, T.
Photometric Analysis of the Contact Binary System V829 Hercules 237 Ozkardes, B.; Erdem, A.
The Future of European Collaborations in Ground-based Astronomy and the Role of OPTICON 244 Dennefeld, M.
Part 3.
Poster Papers
Discovery of New Variable Stars at the Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University Observatory 251 Bakis, V.; Bakis, H.; Demircan, O.; Budding, E.; Erdem, A.; Cicek, C.
Source Surface Radius and its Development During Solar Cycle 255 Belik, M.; Markova, E.; Vandas, M.
Phenomenological Gravity and Eclipses 261 Budding, E.
Ice in the Solar System 265 Cartwright, J.H.E.
Stark Broadening of Spectral Lines for Solar and Stellar Plasma Research 270 Dimitrijevic, M.S.
Cross-field Diffusion of Electrons and Implications for Coronal Structure 274 Galloway, R.K.; Helander, P.; MacKinnon, A.L.
HV Aqr: A Totally Eclipsing Binary System with Solar-type Components 279 Gazeas, K.D.; Niarchos, P.G.; Zola, S.
Measurement of Light Pollution for Observatory Sites 284 Hosseini, S.; Nasiri, S.
Observations of Two Deeply Eclipsing Polars: SDSS J015543.40+002807.2 and 1RXS J020929.0+283243 289 Katysheva, N.; Shugarov, S.; Pavlenko, E.
The Blazhko Project: Unravelling the Mysteries of Amplitude Modulation 294 Kolenberg, K.
Predicting the Structure of the Solar Corona for the Total Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006 299 Mikic, Z.; Linker, J.A.; Lionello, R.; Riley, P.; Titov, V.
Astronomical Station at Vidojevica 308 Ninkovic, S.; Pejovic, N.; Mijajloviv, Z.
Fourier Decomposition of O-C Diagrams 313 Nuspl, J.; Borkovits, T.; Hegedues, T.
Eclipses in Human History: 585 BC Event 319 Oezel, M.E.; Kacar, Y.
The Photometric Study of Nova Lacertae 1936 = CP Lac Between 2003 – 2005 324 Pavlenko, E.P.; Litvinchova, A.A.; Katysheva, N.A.; Shugarov, S.
Fifty Years of Romanian Astrophysics 329 Popescu, N.A.; Dumitrache, C.
Fiber Bursts as Coronal Magnetic Field Probe in Postflare Loops – the Event of April 7, 1997 334 Rausche, G.; Aurass, H.
IY UMa - The Eclipsing Cataclysmic Star 339 Shugarov, S.; Khruzina, T.; Katysheva, N.
A Binary Star with a δ Scuti Component: RZ Cas 344 Soydugan, E.; Souydugan, F.
The Eclipse Time Analysis of Some Algol-type Binaries 349 Soydugan, F.; Soydugan, E.
Study of theMagnetic Activity Cycles of CG Cygni 353 Tsantilas, S.; Rovithis-Livaniou, H.
First Results from Photometry and Astrometry of Selected Minor Planets at TÜBITAK National Observatory 358 Uluc, K.; Khamitov, I.; Oezisik, T.; Bikmaev, I.; Aslan, Z.; Tunca, Z.
On the Origin of Kaluza’s Idea of Unification 363 Verbin, Y.; Nielsen, N.K.
Intrinsic Variability of the Light Curve of V449 Aur 367 Zola, S.; Drozdz, M.; Ogloza, W.
Back Matter   
Volume 370 Back Matter 373 Demircan, O.; Selam, S.O.; Albayrak, B.