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Paper: Mass Determination of Small Solar System Bodies with Ground-based Observations
Volume: 370, Solar and Stellar Physics Through Eclipses
Page: 52
Authors: Aslan, Z.; Gumerov, R.; Hudkova, L.; Ivantsov, A.; Khamitov, I.; Pinigin, G.
Abstract: Asteroid masses are the key values for physical studies of their internal structure and also for the dynamics of the asteroid families. Dynamical method is based on the analysis of the perturbing effects of a bigger mass asteroid on the orbit of a smaller mass body (another asteroid, spacecraft, asteroid satellite). The use of recent ground-based observations by the CCD astrometry, reduced using contemporary astrometric catalogues, makes it possible to improve the previously adopted masses and to determine new ones. The present study is based on the observations made at Nikolaev Observatory, at TUBITAK National Observatory, and observations taken from the Minor Planet Center database. Integration of relativistic equations of motion was made with the initial conditions, taken from the DE405 and JPL HORIZONS ephemerides. The newly determined asteroid masses are compared with recent determinations made by other authors.
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