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Paper: Eclipsing Binaries in the SMC: Combining VLT Multi-Object Spectroscopy with OGLE Photometry - First Results
Volume: 370, Solar and Stellar Physics Through Eclipses
Page: 188
Authors: Gauderon, R.; North, P.; Royer, F.
Abstract: We present a detailed analysis of 32 eclipsing binary (EB) systems in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC),which allowed us to give an essentially complete description of the stellar properties of each system (including masses, radii, luminosities, surface gravities and effective temperatures). These systems are then used as primary distance indicators to provide a new estimate of the distance to the SMC. The analysis is based on both spectroscopic and photometric data, i.e. on radial velocity curves obtained through multi-object spectroscopic observations made with the ESO FLAMES facility at the VLT (Paranal Observatory, Chile) and the light curves from the published data obtained by the OGLE photometric surveys. We used a spectral disentangling technique, allowing to recover the individual spectra of the two components simultaneously with the radial velocities.
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