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Paper: Damping of MHD Waves as a Heating Mechanism of Solar Corona
Volume: 370, Solar and Stellar Physics Through Eclipses
Page: 68
Authors: Nasiri, S.; Safari, H.; Sobouti, Y.
Abstract: Damping of MHD waves seems to play an important role in heating the solar corona. In this respect a magnetized flux tube with a specified density profile is considered and the singularity of ideal equation of motion in coronal approximation is removed by introducing the viscous and resistive damping in the tube. The resultant equations are solved by applying the connection formula technique. The damping rates are obtained for both inside and outside of the resonance layer and are commented on. Next, the same problem that undergoes a longitudinal density stratification is considered. Equations of motion are expressed by second order differential equations that are separable into radial and transverse components. The radial equation is solved in thin tube approximation, while the transverse one is solved numerically.
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