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Paper: Measurement of Light Pollution for Observatory Sites
Volume: 370, Solar and Stellar Physics Through Eclipses
Page: 284
Authors: Hosseini, S.; Nasiri, S.
Abstract: The problem of light pollution became important in the world mainly since 1960 by developing the cities and using more artificial lights and lamps at the nighttime. Optical telescopes share the same range of wavelengths as are used to provide illumination of roadways, buildings and automobiles. The light glow that emanates from man made pollution will scatter off the atmosphere and will be seen in the images taken using the observatory instruments. Therefore, the observatories and the big telescopes face with unwished lights coming from these cities. On the way with site selection of the Iranian National Observatory that will house a 2-meter telescope, studying about light pollution is propounded in Iran. Thus, we need a site with the least light pollution as well as good atmospheric conditions. For the final site, we can limit growing the cities around it and change all the fixtures and lamps to reduce the artificial sky brightness.
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