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Paper: On the Light Curve Variation of the Be Star EMCep
Volume: 370, Solar and Stellar Physics Through Eclipses
Page: 225
Authors: Bakis, H.; Bakis, V.; Demircan, O.; Budding, E.; Tanriver, M.
Abstract: We present new UBV photometric observations obtained in the last four observing seasons and one season of spectroscopic observation for the Be star EM Cep. A possible period of 0.403 days and large light amplitude variations from one season to other were determined from the new photometric observations. A flare activity for this star has been detected on 17-18 July 2003. The brightness increase during the flare was found to be maximum in U-band. New spectroscopic observations with high-resolution spectrograph did not present a certain result due to the limited number of data. The type of variability in the light curves shows that the star could be a λ Eri-type variable. Additional changes on the light curve do not show any periodicity. Binarity problem of the star has been also discussed.
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