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Paper: The Future of European Collaborations in Ground-based Astronomy and the Role of OPTICON
Volume: 370, Solar and Stellar Physics Through Eclipses
Page: 244
Authors: Dennefeld, M.
Abstract: Successfull projects like the ESO-VLT have shown the power of large scale collaboration in Europe. Such collaborations continue to be needed today to develop the Extremely Large Telescopes of the future or to coordinate the use and development of “smaller” facilities. The OPTICON network, funded by the European Union under FP6, plays a major role of coordination for groundbased optical/IR astronomy in Europe. It comprises Joint Research Activities dealing with various, high-technology activities; thematic networks where plans are made for future activities, new ideas discussed or existing infrastructures are coordinated; and an Access programme where most of the modern, medium-sized European observatories are offered to foreign users on the basis of the scientific quality of the proposals only. This latter opportunity should be of great interest to the solar and stellar astronomers assembled for this symposium.
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