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Paper: First Results from Photometry and Astrometry of Selected Minor Planets at TÜBITAK National Observatory
Volume: 370, Solar and Stellar Physics Through Eclipses
Page: 358
Authors: Uluc, K.; Khamitov, I.; Oezisik, T.; Bikmaev, I.; Aslan, Z.; Tunca, Z.
Abstract: Large size of 1.5m Russian-Turkish Telescope (RTT150) (Aslan 2001) for the tasks of astrometry and photometry of minor planets (MPs) together with astro-climatic conditions of the TÜBITAK National Observatory (TUG) in Turkey, allows us to get high-quality data. We observed the Apollo asteroid 2002 NY40 with the RTT150 Telescope in BVRc-bands between 2002 July 30 and 2002 August 14. The difference detected in B-V color between the maximum and minimum of the phased light curve is attributed to a possible difference in albedo of different parts of the asteroid body. During the period of 2004-2005, we also observed 11 pre-calculated events of asteroid occultation and no positive events detected in all cases. The reasons of the negative results are discussed. Photometry of MPs according to USNO-B1 stars is presented.
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