Title: Stars With the B[e] Phenomenon
Volume: 355 Year: 2006 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Kraus, Michaela; Miroshnichenko, Anatoly S.
ISBN: 978-1-583812-23-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-289-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 355 Cover Meilland, A.; Kraus, M.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.
Front Matter   
Volume 355 Front Matter 1 Kraus, M.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.
Conference Photo   
Volume 355 Conference Photo 2 Kraus, M.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.
Part 1.
Stars with the B[e] Phenomenon
A Grandfather's Question: Why Have these Stars Been Called B[e]s ? 3 Swings, J.-P.
Galactic B[e] Stars: A Review of 30 Years of Investigation 13 Miroshnichenko, A.S.
Part 2.
Stellar Evolution, Stellar Winds, and Mass Loss
Single Massive Stars at the Critical Rotational Velocity: Possible Links with Be and B[e] Stars 27 Meynet, G.; Maeder, A.
The Envelopes of B[e] Stars 39 Hillier, D.J.
Outflowing Disk Winds in B[e] Supergiants 51 Cure, M.; Rial, D.F.; Cidale, L.
Ionization Structure in the Disks and Winds of B[e] Stars 57 Kraus, M.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.
A Simple Nozzle Analysis of Slow-Acceleration Solutions in 1-D Models of Rotating Line-Driven Stellar Winds 65 Owocki, S.
Solution of the Radiative Transfer Equation in Rotating Atmospheres and in Winds 75 Korcakova, D.; Kubat, J.
Discussion Session: How Does the B[e] Phenomenon Fit into Current Stellar Wind and Evolution Theories? 79 Kubat, J.
Part 3.
Pre-Main Sequence Evolution: Herbig Ae/B[e] Stars
Herbig Ae/Be Stars 87 Waters, L.B.F.M.
Spectro-Astrometry of Herbig Ae/Be Stars 99 Oudmaijer, R.D.; Baines, D.; Porter, J.M.; Pozzo, M.
An Unusual Massive Be Star HD 53367: Circumstellar Activity and Evidence for Binarity 107 Pogodin, M.A.; Malanushenko, V.P.; Kozlova, O.V.; Tarasova, T.N.; Franco, G.A.P.
Part 4.
Post-Main Sequence Evolution: Planetary Nebulae
High Spatial Resolution Study of the inner Environment around Two Young Planetary Nebulae 117 Chesneau, O.
The Compact Planetary Nebula B[e] Star Hen 2-90 125 Kraus, M.; Borges Fernandes, M.; de Araujo, F.X.; Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.
Part 5.
Post-Main Sequence Evolution: B[e] Supergiants
B[e] Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds 135 Zickgraf, F.-J.
Polarimetry and the Envelopes of Magellanic B[e] Supergiants 147 Magalhaes, A.M.; Melgarejo, R.; Pereyra, A.; Carciofi, A.C.
The Vicinity of the Galactic Supergiant B[e] Star CPD-57°2874 from Near and Mid-IR Long Baseline Spectro-Interferometry with the VLTI (AMBER and MIDI) 155 Domiciano de Souza, A.; Driebe, T.; Chesneau, O.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Kraus, S.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Ohnaka, K.; Petrov, R.G.; Preibisch, Th.; Stee, Ph.; Weigelt, G.
The Neutral Outflowing Disks of Some Magellanic Cloud B[e] Supergiants 163 Kraus, M.; Borges Fernandes, M.; Andrade Pilling, D.; de Araujo, F.X.
A 2D Radiative Transfer Modeling of the Dusty Disk of RY Sct 167 Men'shchikov, A.B.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.
Part 6.
Post-Main Sequence Evolution: Luminous Blue Variables
The Clumpiness of LBV Winds 173 Davies, B.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Vink, J.S.
The Post-Red Supergiant IRC +10420 181 Oudmaijer, R.D.; Davies, B.; Dawson, F.; Lockett, O.; Mottram, J.C.; Patel, M.; Groenewegen, M.A.T.
Shells and Bipolar Structures around B[e] Stars 189 Marston, A.P.; McCollum, B.
The Unusual Emission Line Star V 439 Cyg in Berkeley 87 197 Polcaro, V.F.; Norci, L.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.
The Impact of a Luminous Blue Variable on its Circumstellar Medium 203 van Marle, A.J.; Langer, N.; Garcia-Segura, G.
The Correlation between the Asymmetric Mass Loss and the Normal-SD Phase of AG Car 207 Guo, J.H.; Li, Y.
Discussion Session: Is there an Evolutionary Link between B[e] Supergiants and LBVs? 211 Zickgraf, F.-J.
Part 7.
Disks around Be and B[e] Stars: Observations vs. Theory
Formation and Evolution of Disks around Classical Be Stars 219 Owocki, S.
Circumstellar Disk Models for B[e] Supergiants 231 Bjorkman, J.
Interferometric View of Massive Active Hot and Dusty Stars 233 Stee, Ph; Meilland, A.
VLTI-MIDI Observations of MWC349A 239 Quirrenbach, A.; Albrecht, S.; Tubbs, R.N.
Polarization Diagnostics for Circumstellar Disks 247 Bjorkman, K.S.
Discussion Session: Formation of Disks around Be and B[e] Stars: a Common Mechanism? 253 Stee, Ph.
Part 8.
B[e]/X-ray Binaries and Symbiotic B[e] Stars
Massive Binary Mergers: A Unique Scenario for the sgB[e] Phenomenon? 259 Podsiadlowski, Ph.; Morris, T.S.; Ivanova, N.
On the Putative Class of B[e] X-ray Binaries 269 Clark, J.S.
The Winds and Disks of Symbiotic Stars 281 Arkhipova, V.
Is the X-ray Transient HD 34921(4U 0515+38) a B[e] Star? 289 Norci, L.; Polcaro, V.F.; Bernabei, S.; Meurs, E.J.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.
Spectral Variability of the Unusually Peculiar Be Star XX Ophiuchi 297 Tarasov, A.E.
The Orbital Period of the B[e]/X-ray Binary CI Cam/XTE J0421+560 305 Barsukova, E.A.; Borisov, N.V.; Burenkov, A.N.; Klochkova, V.G.; Goranskij, V.P.; Metlova, N.V.
Discussion Session: Is Binarity the Solution for the B[e] Phenomenon? 309 Polcaro, V.F.
Part 9.
Unclassified B[e] Stars
B[e] Stars with Warm Dust: Revealing the Nature of Unclassified B[e] Stars and Expanding the Family 315 Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Bernabei, S.; Bjorkman, K.S.; Chentsov, E.L.; Klochkova, V.G.; Gray, R.O.; Levato, H.; Grosso, M.; Hinkle, K.H.; Kuratov, K.S.; Kusakin, A.V.; Garcia-Lario, P.; Perea Calderon, J.V.; Polcaro, V.F.; Viotti, R.F.; Norci, L.; Manset, N.; Men'shchikov, A.B.; Rudy, R.J.; Lynch, D.K.; Venturini, C.C.; Mazuk, S.; Puetter, R.C.; Perry, R.B.; Gandet, T.L.
The Optical and IR Properties of Southern Galactic Unclassified B[e] Stars: The Case of CD-42°11721 327 Borges Fernandes, M.; Lorenz Martins, S.; Kraus, M.; de Araujo F.X.
Circumstellar Environment of the B[e] Star HD 45677 (FS CMa) 335 Muratorio, G.; Rossi, C.; Friedjung, M.
The Low Resolution Spectrum of Selected B[e] Stars with Warm Dust 343 Polcaro, V.F.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Bernabei, S.; Viotti, R.F.; Rossi, C.; Norci, L.
Optical and Near-IR Observations of the B[e] Star AS 119 347 Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Bernabei, S.; Polcaro, V.F.; Viotti, R.F.; Norci, L.; Manset, N.; Klochkova, V.G.; Rudy, R.J.; Lynch, D.K.; Venturini, C.C.; Mazuk, S.; Puetter, R.C.; Perry, R.B.; Gandet, T.L.
On the Evolution Stage of the B[e] Star HD51585 and of Several Other Hot IRAS Sources 351 Arkhipova, V.
Observations of B[e] Stars with the Ondrejov 2m Telescope 355 Kucerova, B.; Korcakova, D.; Kubat, J.; Slechta, M.; Votruba, V.; Skoda, P.; Hadrava, P.
The Spectrum of the B[e] Star BAL224 359 Martayan, C.; Floquet, M.; Hubert, A.-M.; Zorec, J.
Discussion Session: How Can We Determine the Evolutionary Phase of the Unclassified B[e] Stars? 365 Miroshnichenko, A.S.
Part 10.
Workshop Summary
Stars with the B[e] Phenomenon: Summary and Personal Conclusions 371 Lamers, H.J.G.L.M.
Back Matter   
Volume 355 Back Matter 381 Kraus, M.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.
Volume 355 Photographs 999 Kraus, M.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.