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Paper: VLTI-MIDI Observations of MWC349A
Volume: 355, Stars With the B[e] Phenomenon
Page: 239
Authors: Quirrenbach, A.; Albrecht, S.; Tubbs, R.N.
Abstract: MWC349A is a young massive star near the zero-age main sequence, in the short-lived phase where the parental cloud has been completely dispersed, but the accretion disk has not yet been destroyed by ionization. Illumination by stellar UV radiation drives a strong ionized wind from the surface of the disk. The most spectacular features of the MWC349A disk are hydrogen recombination line masers and lasers at mm, sub-mm and mid-IR wavelengths. We have recently conducted observations of MWC349A with the MIDI 10 ͘m instrument of the VLTI, using several baselines with lengths ≥ 47 m. The continuum visibilities show the characteristic signature of a dust disk. In addition, the signatures of at least a dozen emission lines have been identified in the interferometric data.
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