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Paper: Is the X-ray Transient HD 34921(4U 0515+38) a B[e] Star?
Volume: 355, Stars With the B[e] Phenomenon
Page: 289
Authors: Norci, L.; Polcaro, V.F.; Bernabei, S.; Meurs, E.J.; Miroshnichenko, A.S.
Abstract: HD34921 (= BD+37°1160) has been identified as the counterpart of the X-ray source 4U 0515+38 (= 1H 0521+373). Presently, the star is classified optically as B0III-IVpe. The likely association with the IRAS source 05192+3737 suggests a dust envelope. This is quite uncommon between the High Mass X-Ray Binaries (HMXBs), but for the CI Cam/XTE J0421+560 system. Strong analogies in the infrared spectra of HD34921 and CI Cam, referring to dust shell and very complex circumstellar environment, led Clark et al. (1999) to classify both stars as B[e] stars, the only known HMXRB optical counterpart of this type. Here we argue that HD34921 is not properly a B[e] star.
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