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Paper: Optical and Near-IR Observations of the B[e] Star AS 119
Volume: 355, Stars With the B[e] Phenomenon
Page: 347
Authors: Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Bernabei, S.; Polcaro, V.F.; Viotti, R.F.; Norci, L.; Manset, N.; Klochkova, V.G.; Rudy, R.J.; Lynch, D.K.; Venturini, C.C.; Mazuk, S.; Puetter, R.C.; Perry, R.B.; Gandet, T.L.
Abstract: AS 119 is a poorly-studied emission-line object with a large IR excess (Dong & Hu 1991). Optical spectrophotometry by Cidale et al. (2001) suggests that it is a B3 IVe star, while its strong Balmer lines and IR spectral energy distribution (SED) allow us to classify AS 119 as a B[e] star with warm dust (B[e]WD). We present the first high-resolution optical and low-resolution near-IR spectroscopy and multicolor optical photometry of the object. The optical spectrum is dominated by emission [Fe II] lines, which are stronger than Fe II lines and whose radial velocities (RV) are different from those of the photospheric lines. Such a behavior may be due to the object's binary nature, but no traces of the secondary have been found in our spectra.
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