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Paper: An Unusual Massive Be Star HD 53367: Circumstellar Activity and Evidence for Binarity
Volume: 355, Stars With the B[e] Phenomenon
Page: 107
Authors: Pogodin, M.A.; Malanushenko, V.P.; Kozlova, O.V.; Tarasova, T.N.; Franco, G.A.P.
Abstract: We present the results of high-resolution spectroscopy of the young B0e star HD53367 obtained within the framework of a cooperative observing program in 1994–2005. We confirm that a long-term photometric variability of the object is indeed connected with the alternation of two states of the object when the gaseous circumstellar envelope disappears and arises again. Both these processes start near the star and then spread to remote parts of the envelope. We find that the radial velocities of He I and O II photospheric lines demonstrate a cyclic variability with the period P=183.7 days and the semi-amplitude K=19 kms−1. The radial velocity variation is interpreted in the framework of a model, in which the star is a companion of an eccentric binary system. An orbital solution is derived and the system's parameters are estimated. We find that the orbital eccentricity is e=0.28, the mean companion separation is 1.7 AU, and the secondary companion is most likely to be a 5 solar mass pre-main sequence object. The main part of circumstellar gas in the system is collected near the secondary companion.
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