Title: Astrometry in the Age of the Next Generation of Large Telescopes
Volume: 338 Year: 2005 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Seidelmann, P. Kenneth; Monet, Alice K.B.
ISBN: 1-58381-205-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-272-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Part 1.
Astrometry from Space
Overview of the Gaia Mission 3 Perryman, M.A.C.
The Gaia Mission: Science Highlights 15 Mignard, F.
Performance of the Gaia Mission 25 Lindegren, L.; de Bruijne, J.H.J.
Precision Astrometry with the Space Interferometry Mission - PlanetQuest 37 Unwin, S.C.
The Origins Billion Star Survey: Galactic Explorer 46 Johnston, K.J.; Dorland, B.; Gaume, R.; Hajian, A.; Hennessy, G.; Monet, D.; Olling, R.; Zacharias, N.; Seidelmann, P.K.; Seager, S.; Pravdo, S.; Coste, K.; Danner, R.; Grillmair, C.; Stauffer, J.
Space Astrometry in the Next Decade 53 Gaume, R. A.
Parallaxes with Hubble Space Telescope - How and Why We Do It 58 Benedict, G.F.; McArthur, B.E.
Astrometry with the James Webb Space Telescope 59 Nelan, E.
Part 2.
Astrometry from the Ground
Ground-Based Survey Facilities: New Opportunities for Astrometry 63 Wolff, S.C.
The Discovery Channel Telescope: A Wide-field Telescope in Northern Arizona 71 Dunham, E.W.; Millis, R.L.; Smith, B.; Sebring, T.A.
Choosing Suitable Target, Reference and Calibration Stars for the PRIMA Astrometric Planet Search 81 Reffert, S.; Launhardt, R.; Hekker, S.; Henning, T.; Queloz, D.; Quirrenbach, A.; Segransan, D.; Setiawan, J.
The WIYN Speckle Program: HIPPARCOS Binaries and Beyond 90 Horch, E.P.; van Altena, W.F.; Meyer, R.D.
The URAT Project 98 Zacharias, N.
URAT Optical Design Options and Astrometric Performance 106 Laux, U.; Zacharias, N.
Minor Planet Astrometry with CCD Frames 111 Lopez Garcia, A.
Star-Cluster Astrometry with Ground-Based Wide Field Imagers 118 Bedin, L.R.; Anderson, J.; Piotto, G.; Momany, Y.; Yadav, R.S.
Progress in Parallaxes at USNO 122 Harris, H.C.; Canzian, B.; Dahn, C.C.; Guetter, H.H.; Henden, A.A.; Levine, S.E.; Luginbuhl, C.B.; Monet, A.K.B.; Monet, D.G.; Munn, J.A.; Pier, J.R.; Stone, R.C.; Tilleman, T.; Vrba, F.J.; Walker, R.L.
ACS/HRC Astrometry for Polarizer Filters: To Fit or To Map? 126 Kozhurina-Platais, V.; Biretta, J.
Astrometry with OPTIC at WIYN 130 Vieira, K.; van Altena, W.F.; Girard, T.M.
Astrometry with Pan-STARRS and PS1: Pushing the Limits of Atmospheric Refraction, Dispersion, and Extinction Corrections for Wide Field Imaging 134 Chambers, K.C.
CTI II: A Stable, Nonmoving Photometric and Astrometric Survey Telescope 145 McGraw, J.T.; Benedict, G.F.; Ackermann, M.R.; Zimmer, P.C.; Williams, T.; Wetterer, C.J.; Golden, E.
PRIMA Astrometry Operations and Software 146 Bakker, E.J.; Tubbs, B.; Quirrenbach, A.; Jaffe, W.; Le Poole, R.; Reffert, S.; de Jong, J.
Asteroid Astrometry 147 Bowell, E.L.G.
Part 3.
Catalogs, Databases, and Data-Mining
Experience with SDSS: the Promise and Perils of Large Surveys 151 Lupton, R.; Ivezic, Z.
Astrometry and the Virtual Observatory 156 Schade, D.
Towards High-Precision Ground-Based Astrometry: Differential Delay Lines for PRIMA@VLTI 167 Launhardt, R.; Henning, Th.; Queloz, D.; Quirrenbach, A.; Bakker, E.J.; Baumeister, H.; Bizenberger, P.; Bleuler, H.; Dandliker, R.; Delplancke, F.; Derie, F.; Fleury, M.; Glindemann, A.; Gillet, D.; Hanenburg, H.; Jaffe, W.; de Jong, J.A.; Kohler, R.; Maire, C.; Mathar, R.J.; Michellod, Y.; Mullhaupt, P.; Murakawa, K.; Pepe, F.; Le Poole, R.S.; Pragt, J.; Reffert, S.; Sache, L.; Scherler, O.; Segransan, D.; Setiawan, J.; Sosnowska, D.; Tubbs, R.N.; Venema, L.; Wagner, K.; Weber, L.; Wuthrich, R.
A Science Alert System for Gaia and Similar All-Sky Space Missions 176 Popowski, P.
Radio-Optical Reference Frame Link: First Results using Dedicated Astrograph Reference Stars 184 Zacharias, M.I.; Zacharias, N.
Part 4.
Science Results
Exoplanets and the Space Interferometry Mission 191 Marcy, G.W.; Fischer, D.A.; McCarthy, C.; Ford, E.B.
Science Results Enabled by SDSS Astrometric Observations 201 Ivezic, Z.; Bond, N.; Juric, M.; Munn, J.A.; Lupton, R.H.; Pier, J.R.; Hennessy, G.S.; Knapp, G.R.; Gunn, J.E.; Rockosi, C.M.; Quinn, T.
The Halo of the Milky Way 210 Newberg, H.J.; Yanny, B.
Identifying CID Binaries in SDSS and in Gaia Later On 220 Pourbaix, D.
Results from CTIOPI: Parallaxes, Perturbations, and Pushing Towards SIM PlanetQuest 228 Henry, T.J.; Jao, W.; Subasavage, J.P.; Ianna, P.A.; Costa, E.; Mendez, R.A.
Extraction of Sub-Milliarcsecond Parallaxes from Hipparcos Data 232 Heacox, W.D.
Present and Future Astrometric Study of Halo Substructure 240 Majewski, S.R.; Polak, A.A.; Law, D.R.; Rocha-Pinto, H.J.
Astrometric Monitoring of Stellar Orbits at the Galactic Center with a Next Generation Large Telescope 252 Weinberg, N.N.; Milosavljevic, M.; Ghez, A.M.
Absolute Proper Motion of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy and of the Outer Bulge from SPM3 260 Dinescu, D.I.; Girard, T.M.; van Altena, W.F.; Lopez, C.E.
Transverse Velocity Distribution of the Thick Disk from SPM3 Proper Motions 264 Girard, T.M.; Korchagin, V.I.; Dinescu, D.I.; van Altena, W.F.; Lopez, C.E.; Monet, D.G.
Where the Stellar Road Runners Are in the Sky 268 Jao, W.-C.; Henry, T.J.; Subasavage, J.P.; Beaulieu, T.D.
Astrometric Binaries in the Age of the Next Generation of Large (Space) Telescopes 272 Olling, R.P.
Are These Observations Really Necessary? 276 Lampens, P.; Fremat, Y.
Proper Motions as an Underutilized Tool for Estimating Distances and Ages for Nearby, Young Stars 280 Mamajek, E.E.
The Double-Lined Spectroscopic Binary Haro 1-14c 284 Prato, L.; Simon, M.
Discovering M-Dwarf Companions with STEPS 288 Pravdo, S.H.; Shaklan, S.B.; Lloyd, J.; Benedict, G.F.
43 GHz SiO Masers and Astrometry with VERA in the Galactic Center 293 Sjouwerman, L.O.; Messineo, M.; Habing, H.J.
Radial Velocities and Space Motions for Nearby Stars 295 Upgren, A.R.; Sperauskas, J.
A Suitcase Full of Astrophysics: The MOST Microsat and Opportunities for Low-cost Space Astronomy 297 Matthews, J.
Astrophysical and Technical Aspects of Astrometric Methods on Hubble 298 Currie, D.G.
Part 5.
Public Policy and Support
NASA Programs and Astrometric Science 303 Crane, P.
Musings about Future Large Telescopes 307 Van Citters, G.W.
Part 6.
Education and Outreach
The Future of Astrometric Education 311 van Altena, W.; Stavinschi, M.
Ensuring the Next Generation of Astrometrists 318 DeGioia Eastwood, K.
Parallax Park - A Bilingual, Outdoor, Interactive Family Exhibit 322 Benedict, G.F.; Parallax Park Design Team, the
Part 7.
Instruments and Methods
Radio Astrometry: Present Status and Future 335 Fomalont, E.B.
General Relativistic Effects in Precision Astrometry 343 Fukushima, T.
Changes in Reference Systems and Time 349 Seidelmann, P.K.
Status of USNO Testing of CCDs for Space Astrometry Missions 355 Dorland, B.N.; Johnson, S.; Waczynski, A.
Photometric and Astrometric Quality of Plate Copies Digitized with AgfaScan T5000 359 Strelnitski, V.; Davis, A.
Linking Simulated Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Asteroid Observations 362 Granvik, M.; Muinonen, K.; Virtanen, J.; Bowell, E.; Wasserman, L.H.
The Current State of Scientific Imagers for Astronomy 366 Lesser, M.
Astrometry With Adaptive Optics 367 Fitzgerald, M.
Acronyms 369 Seidelmann, P.K.; Monet, A.K.B.