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Paper: Discovering M-Dwarf Companions with STEPS
Volume: 338, Astrometry in the Age of the Next Generation of Large Telescopes
Page: 288
Authors: Pravdo, S.H.; Shaklan, S.B.; Lloyd, J.; Benedict, G.F.
Abstract: The Stellar Planet Survey (STEPS) is an ongoing astrometric search for giant planets and brown dwarfs around a sample of ~30 M-dwarfs. We have discovered several low-mass companions by measuring the motion of our target stars relative to their reference frames. We describe the STEPS method for stellar centroiding that enables our ~1 milliarcsecond relative astrometry. We describe one of the astrometrically discovered companions, GJ 1210B, which was later confirmed with an imaging observation. GJ 1210 A and B have spectral types M4-5, based on their luminosities, inferred masses, and colors.
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