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Paper: Results from CTIOPI: Parallaxes, Perturbations, and Pushing Towards SIM PlanetQuest
Volume: 338, Astrometry in the Age of the Next Generation of Large Telescopes
Page: 228
Authors: Henry, T.J.; Jao, W.; Subasavage, J.P.; Ianna, P.A.; Costa, E.; Mendez, R.A.
Abstract: We present definitive distances to nearby star candidates observed during our Cerro Tololo Inter-american Observatory Parallax Investigation (CTIOPI). The total number of new stellar systems discovered within 10 pc (the RECONS sample) so far is 21, and more than 100 additional systems have been revealed between 10 and 25 pc. In addition, several new proper motion companions have been identified, and we are beginning to see evidence of perturbations caused by unseen companions pulling on a few targets. Multiple systems with periods less than five years are potential targets for our MASSIF (Masses And Stellar Systems with InterFerometry) Project, a SIM PlanetQuest Science Team effort that endeavors to determine the mass-luminosity relation in several clusters and for several special target samples. In particular, new very near single and multiple red and brown dwarfs, new white dwarfs within 25 pc, and new nearby subdwarfs found via CTIOPI will be examined as possible high-priority targets for SIM PlanetQuest.
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