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Paper: Radial Velocities and Space Motions for Nearby Stars
Volume: 338, Astrometry in the Age of the Next Generation of Large Telescopes
Page: 295
Authors: Upgren, A.R.; Sperauskas, J.
Abstract: The McCormick lists of stars and the Fourth Edition of the Catalog of Nearby Stars (CNS4) complement each other. Together they can be used to evaluate sources of systematic error in either of them. In addition to the 900 McCormick dwarf K-M stars brighter than about 11.5, the CNS4 includes all similar dwarfs believed to be within 25 parsecs of the Sun that appear to be missed in the former source. All of the stars from both sources are known to have precise trigonometric parallaxes, proper motions and, of course, positions. At the Moletai Observatory and elsewhere, radial velocities mostly to ±1km /sec are almost complete for these dwarf stars. The goal is to have a sample of some 1200 dwarf stars with spatial coordinates and their first time derivatives for which the Lutz-Kelker and Malmquist corrections can be evaluated. Hopefully, age-related stellar measures will also be provided in a later phase of the program.
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