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Paper: Photometric and Astrometric Quality of Plate Copies Digitized with AgfaScan T5000
Volume: 338, Astrometry in the Age of the Next Generation of Large Telescopes
Page: 359
Authors: Strelnitski, V.; Davis, A.
Abstract: The Maria Mitchell Observatory has completed the digitization of its photographic plate archive with the scanner AgfaScan T5000. The relatively high speed and low cost of scanning with this commercially available scanner may raise doubts in the quality of the digitized copies. Comparison with the control copies, obtained with the STScI's GAMMA scanner, showed that for the (240″/mm) MMO plates the additional noise introduced by the AgfaScan T5000 results in a negligible increase of the astrometric uncertainty and in a less than 0.05m increase of the photometric uncertainty, for stars not too close to the plate limit (≈ 16m).
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