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Paper: Present and Future Astrometric Study of Halo Substructure
Volume: 338, Astrometry in the Age of the Next Generation of Large Telescopes
Page: 240
Authors: Majewski, S.R.; Polak, A.A.; Law, D.R.; Rocha-Pinto, H.J.
Abstract: We focus on how astrometric surveys might be exploited for the study of Galactic halo substructure originating from the disruption of satellite systems. The Sagittarius (Sgr) dwarf spheroidal tidal stream provides a useful template to explore present and future capabilities of proper motion surveys for finding and studying substructure as well as for using individual tidal streams to probe the global properties of the Milky Way. The configuration of the Sgr stream is particularly well suited for measuring the flattening of the halo and for providing an independent means for measuring the speed of the Local Standard of Rest. For the various proposed experiments, the required proper motion accuracies are well within the capabilities of the Space Interferometry Mission (SIM PlanetQuest).
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