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Paper: CTI II: A Stable, Nonmoving Photometric and Astrometric Survey Telescope
Volume: 338, Astrometry in the Age of the Next Generation of Large Telescopes
Page: 145
Authors: McGraw, J.T.; Benedict, G.F.; Ackermann, M.R.; Zimmer, P.C.; Williams, T.; Wetterer, C.J.; Golden, E.
Abstract: We describe the ongoing design of a telescope and its focal plane mosaic of optical and infrared detectors for a deep, wide-field-of-view multibandpass imaging photometric and astrometric survey conducted in the timedelay and integrate mode. We assess the effects of the seeing-blurred PSF, including components introduced by TDI operation. Optical system and detector tradeoffs are determined by considering "sciences drivers" that define requirements on the design. The key scientific programs we consider are: photometric and astrometric investigation of the solar neighborhood, synoptic AGN reverberation analysis, and discovery of targets of opportunity, such as distant supernovae. These programs stress photometric and astrometric precision and stability. The sky survey implemented by the fully-defined telescope will be conducted as part of the AFRL-funded Near Earth Space Surveillance Initiative (NESSI).
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