Title: Abundance Profiles: Diagnostic Tools for Galaxy History
Volume: 147 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Friedli, Daniel; Edmunds, Mike; Robert, Carmelle; Drissen, Laurent
ISBN: 1-886733-67-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-483-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Conference Introduction: Abundances after the Big Bang 3 Reeves, Hubert
Abundance Profiles in Elliptical Galaxies 13 Worthey, Guy
Far-UV Color and Abundance Gradients in Elliptical Galaxies 21 O'Connell, Robert W.; Ohl, Raymond G.
Abundances in Spiral Bulges: Comparisons with Ellipticals 26 Sansom, Anne E.; Proctor, Robert N.; Reid, Neill
2-Dimensional Abundance Maps of Bright Ellipticals and Spirals 31 Peletier, Reynier F.
Abundance Gradients in the Galactic Bulge and Halo 36 Rich, R. Michael
Stellar Abundance Profiles in Disk Galaxies 45 Edvardsson, Bengt
Extragalactic Stellar Abundances: A-Supergiant Abundances in M31 & M33 54 Venn, Kim A.; McCarthy, J. K.; Lennon, D. J.; Kudritzki, R. P.
Abundance Profiles in Disk Galaxies from Nebulae 59 Henry, Richard B. C.
Element Distributions in Barred Galaxies 68 Martin, Pierre
Are Abundances Higher in SB than in SC Galaxies? 73 Dutil, Yvan
Abundances in Spiral Galaxies: Correlations with Galaxy Properties 78 Garnett, Donald R.
Fundamental Relationships in Galactic Disks 83 Ryder, Stuart
Some Implications of Galactic Abundance Gradients Derived from H II Regions and Planetary Nebulae 88 Peimbert, Manuel; Carigi, Leticia
Far-Infrared Abundance Measurements in the Outer Galaxy 93 Fich, Michel; Rudolph, Alexander; Simpson, Janet P.; Haas, Michael R.; Erickson, Edwin F.
Nitrogen and Oxygen Abundances in Outlying H II Regions of Spiral Galaxies 98 van Zee, Liese
Chemical Abundances in the Extreme Outer Regions of Disk Galaxies 103 Ferguson, Annette; Wyse, Rosemary; Gallagher, John S.
Abundance Profiles in Low-Mass Galaxies 108 Kobulnicky, Henry A.
Abundance Profile and Stellar Content of I ZW 18 116 Legrand, Francois
The Chemical Abundances of I ZW 18 from Bidimensional Spectroscopy 120 Vilchez, Jose M.; Iglesias-Paramo, J.
Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy and Imaging of the H II Galaxy II ZW 33 125 Cairos, Luz M.; Mendez, David I.; Esteban, Cesar; Vilchez, Jose M.
Abundances in H II Galaxies 129 Rola, Claudia
Self-Consistent Chemical Abundances and Star Formation Histories of Dwarf Irregular Galaxies 133 Skillman, Evan D.; Dohm-Palmer, Robbie C.; Kobulnicky, Henry A.
A Photoionization Model of NGC 2363 138 Luridiana, Valentina
How Reliable Are Abundances from Nebular Spectra? 142 Stasinska, Grazyna
Methods of Abundance Determination: Uncertainties, Problems and Solutions: Summary of the Discussions in Panel A 147 Edmunds, Mike G.
Yields from Low- and Intermediate-Mass Stars 157 Charbonnel, Corinne
Carbon Production from Low- and Intermediate-Mass Stars 166 Mowlavi, Nami
Stellar Yields and their Role in Chemical Evolution 171 Prantzos, Nikos
Abundances in Circumstellar Dust 179 Cherchneff, Isabelle
Carbon Dust in Massive Stars 188 Le Teuff, Yoann H.; Cherchneff, Isabelle
The Effect of Metallicity on the Spectra of O Stars 192 Plante, Stephanie
The Effects of Metallicity on Massive Star Populations 196 Drissen, Laurent
The Red Supergiants CO 1.62 micron and 2.29 micron Features 201 Devost, Daniel; Origlia, Livia
Single Population Models: Age & Metallicity of Stellar Clusters 205 de Freitas Pacheco, Jose A.
Mass and Energy Released by Massive Stars in Young Starburst Regions 210 Robert, Carmelle
The Massive Nearby SBNGs: Young Galaxies in Formation 219 Coziol, Roger; Contini, Thierry; Davoust, Emmanuel; Considere, Suzanne
Production and Injection of Elements: Summary of the Discussions in Panel B 224 Maeder, Andre
Evolution within the Hubble Sequence: Clues from the Abundances 237 Pfenniger, Daniel
Chemical Evolution of Galaxies and the Relevance of Gas Processes 246 Hensler, Gerhard; Rieschick, Andreas
The Chemical Evolution of Dynamically Hot Systems 254 Richer, Michael G.; McCall, Marshall L.; Stasinska, Grazyna
Ellipticals Before Gas Loss 259 McCall, Marshall L.; Richer, Michael G.; Stasinska, Grazyna
Numerical Simulations of the Chemical Evolution of Galaxies 264 Churches, David; Edmunds, Mike G.; Nelson, Alistair
Spectrophotometric Models Applied to Spiral Galaxies 268 Molla, Mercedes; Hardy, Eduardo; Beauchamp, Dominique
Chemo-photometric Gradients in Milky Way-type Discs and Implications for Cosmic Chemical Evolution 273 Prantzos, Nikos; Boissier, Samuel
Small-Scale Mixing of the Elements 278 Elmegreen, Bruce G.
Mixing and Transfer of Elements by Triaxiality 287 Friedli, Daniel
Large-Scale Mixing in Barred Galaxies 295 Noguchi, Masafumi
Mixing and Transfer of Elements by Interactions and Mergers 300 Combes, Francoise
Intracluster Medium Abundances Revisited 308 Gibson, Brad K.; Woolaston, Emma J.
The Impact of the Virgo Cluster Environment on Dwarf Irregular Galaxies 313 Lee, Henry; McCall, Marshall L.; Richer, Michael G.
Signatures and Age-Dating of Dynamical Events through Galaxy Abundance Profiles: Summary of the Discussions in Panel C 317 Gallagher, John S.
Conference Summary 333 Pagel, Bernard E. J.