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Paper: Signatures and Age-Dating of Dynamical Events through Galaxy Abundance Profiles: Summary of the Discussions in Panel C
Volume: 147, Abundance Profiles: Diagnostic Tools for Galaxy History
Page: 317
Authors: Gallagher, John S.
Abstract: Major discussion points are reviewed from the meetings of Panel C, which was charged with the exploration of relationships between chemical abundances and dynamical processes. The Panel explored some of the complex interrelationships between dynamical processes which move interstellar matter and stars around, the variable locations of element production from massive stars, the distribution of synthesized elements through gas flows, and the key role played by the environment in influencing these processes. Evidently simple diagnostics for the detailed past histories of galaxies often do not exist, although general patterns are found in populations of galaxies, which may allow us to determine the effects of various dynamical processes on observed stellar and interstellar medium chemical abundances.
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