Title: AGN Physics with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Volume: 311 Year: 2004 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Richards, Gordon T.; Hall, Patrick B.
ISBN: 1-58381-164-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-246-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Principal Component and Composite Spectrum Analysis   
Principal Component Analysis of QSO Properties 3 Boroson, T.
Principal Component Analysis of AGN Spectra 13 Shang, Z.; Wills, B.J.
Eigenspectra of the SDSS DR1 Quasars 17 Yip, C.-W.; Connolly, A.J.; Vanden Berk, D.E.; Ma, Z.; Frieman, J.A.; SubbaRao, M.; Szalay, A.S.
Luminosity and Redshift Dependence of Quasar Spectral Properties 21 Vanden Berk, D.E.; Yip, C.-W.; Connolly, A.J.; Jester, S.; Stoughton, C.
Constraints on Quasar Continuum, BELR, and BALR Physics from SDSS Composite Spectra 25 Richards, G.T.; Hall, P.B.; Reichard, T.A.; Vanden Berk, D.E.; Schneider, D.P.; Strauss, M.A.
A Composite Extreme Ultraviolet QSO Spectrum from FUSE 31 Scott, J.; Kriss, G.; Brotherton, M.; Green, R.; Hutchings, J.; Shull, J.M.; Zheng, W.
Spectral Energy Distributions and Physical Parameters   
Spectral Energy Distributions of Quasars and AGN 37 Wilkes, B.J.
AGN Unification: An Update 49 Urry, C.M.
Reddening and the Similarity of Shapes of the Infra-Red to X-Ray Spectral Energy Distribution of AGNs: Implications for AGN Surveys and AGN Physics 61 Gaskell, C.M.; Goosmann, R.W.; Antonucci, R.J.; Whysong, D.H.
SDSS Quasars and Dust Reddening 65 Hall, P.B.; Hopkins, P.; Strauss, M.A.; Richards, G.T.; Brinkmann, J.
Black-Hole Mass Measurements 69 Vestergaard, M.
Zero-Point Calibration for AGN Black-Hole Mass Estimates 75 Peterson, B.M.; Onken, C.A.
Using MgII to Investigate Quasars and Their Black-Hole Masses 79 Jarvis, M.J.; McLure, R.J.
[OIII] Emission Line Profiles in PG Quasars 83 Nelson, C.; Plasek, A.; Thompson, A.; Gelderman, R.; Monroe, T.
Evidence for Early or Efficient Black-Hole Growth 87 Vestergaard, M.
An Intermediate-Mass Black Hole in the Dwarf Seyfert 1 Galaxy POX 52 91 Barth, A.J.; Ho, L.C.; Sargent, W.L.W.
The Fundamental Plane of Black Hole Activity and the Census of the Local Black Holes' Population 95 Merloni, A.
Black Hole Accretion and Outflows at z ~ 2 99 Wills, B.; Yuan, M.J.; Lacy, M.; Hall, P.B.; Brotherton, M.S.; Vanden Berk, D.E.; Richards, G.T.
AGN Emission-Line Properties vs. Eddington Ratio 103 Warner, C.; Hamann, F.; Dietrich, M.
Theory and Modeling   
Quasar Atmospheres: Toward a 'Low' Theory for Quasars 109 Elvis, M.
Accretion Disks Based on Real Physics 121 Blaes, Omer
Using Multiwavelength Observations to Estimate the Black Hole Masses and Accretion Rates in Sayfert Galaxies 127 Chiang, J.; Blaes, O.
Radiatively Inefficient Accretion Flows 131 Quataert, E.
Effects of Fluid Instabilities on Accretion Disk Spectra 135 Davis, S.; Blaes, O.; Turner, N.; Socrates, A.
Collisional Effects on the Kinetic MRI 139 Sharma, P.; Hammett, G.W.; Quataert, E.
Mass Outflows from Accretion Disks: Old and New Challenges 141 Proga, D.
Two-Phase Semi-Analytic Magnetocentrifugally and Radiatively Driven AGN Disk Wind Models 147 Everett, J.E.
Relativistic Outflows in AGNs 151 Vlahakis, N.; Konigl, A.
The Intimate Link Between Accretion and BELR 155 Nicastro, F.; Martocchia, A.; Matt, G.
The Broad Emission Line Regions of Quasars: Current Status and Future Prospects 161 Ferland, G.
What is the Broad Line Region? 169 Laor, A.
What is the Origin of the Baldwin Effect in the BLR and the NLR? 175 Baskin, A.; Laor, A.
He II Reverberation in AGN 179 Bottorff, M.C.; Baldwin, J.A.; Ferland, G.J.; Ferguson, J.W.; Korista, K.T.
Active Galaxies With Double-Peaked Emission Lines and What They Imply About the "Broad-Line Region" 183 Eracleous, M.
A Large Sample of Double-Peaked Hα Lines and AGN Accretion Disks 189 Strateva, I.V.; Strauss, M.A.; Hao, L.; Schlegel, D.J.; Hall, P.B.; Gunn, J.E.; Li, L.; Ivezic, Z.; Richards, G.T.; Zakamska, N.L.; Voges, W.; Anderson, S.F.; Lupton, R.H.; Schneider, D.P.; Brinkmann, J.; Nichol, R.C.
Long Term Profile Variability of Double-Peaked Emission Lines in AGNs 193 Lewis, K.T.; Eracleous, M.; Halpern, J.P.; Storchi-Bergmann, T.
Different Velocity Dependences of Physical Conditions of High- and Low-Ionization Lines in Broad-Line Regions 197 Snedden, S.A.; Gaskell, C.M.
The Diverse Nature of Intrinsic Absorbers in AGNs 203 Hamann, F.; Sabra, B.
Outflows vs. Clouds in AGN Intrinsic Absorbers 213 Arav, N.
Broad Absorption Line Quasars in the SDSS 219 Reichard, T.A.; Richards, G.T.; Hall, P.B.; Schneider, D.P.
BAL Quasars Have the Same Cool Dust Emission as Quasars Without BALs 223 Willott, C.J.; Rawlings, S.; Grimes, J.A.
An MHD-driven Disk Wind Outflow in SDSS J0300+0048? 227 Hall, P.B.; Hutsemekers, D.
Modeling AGN Spectra with PHOENIX: A Self-consistent Approach 231 Casebeer, D.; Baron, E.A.; Branch, D.; Leighly, K.
Kinematic Constraints on UV and X-Ray Absorbers in Seyfert 1 Galaxies 235 Crenshaw, D.M.; Kraemer, S.B.; Gabel, J.R.
Constraints on Intrinsic UV Absorption in NGC 3783 239 Gabel, J.R.; Kraemer, S.B.; Crenshaw, D.M.
Intrinsic Narrow Absorption Lines in the HST/STIS Echelle Archive 243 Ganguly, R.; Sembach, K.R.; Charlton, J.C.; Eracleous, M.; Palma, C.; Tripp, T.M.
Optical Properties of Low-Redshift Damped Lyman Alpha Systems 247 Urrutia, T.; Becker, R.H.; Gregg, M.D.; Lacy, M.; Storrie-Lombardi, L.
Quasar Subtypes   
Unusual Quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 253 Hall, P.B.
Narrow-Line Seyfert 1s and SDSS: What Can We Learn? 257 Pogge, R.W.
Are All Narrow-Line Seyfert 1s Ultrasoft and X-ray Bright? 261 Williams, R.J.; Mathur, S.; Pogge, R.W.
Quasars and Narrow-Line Seyfert 1s: Trends and Selection Effects 265 Shields, J.C.; Constantin, A.
Emission and Absorption in Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 269 Constantin, A.; Shields, J.C.
RASS Detected Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies in the SDSS 273 Gallo, L.C.; Boller, T.; Voges, W.; Anderson, S.F.; Agueros, M.A.; Vanden Berk, D.E.
PHL 1811: The Local Prototype of the Lineless High-z SDSS QSOs 277 Leighly, K.M.; Halpern, J.P.; Jenkins, E.B.
Type II Quasars from the SDSS 281 Zakamska, N.L.; Strauss, M.A.; Krolik, J.H.; Heckman, T.M.
Post-Starburst Quasars in the 2dF and SDSS 285 Brotherton, M.S.; Diamond-Stanic, A.; Vanden Berk, D.E.; Burton, R.; Croom, S.
A Search for Nitrogen Enriched Quasars in the SDSS Early Data Release 289 Bentz, M.C.; Osmer, P.S.
Optically Identified BL Lacs from SDSS 293 Collinge, M.J.; Strauss, M.A.; Hall, P.B.; Ivezic, Z.; Zakamska, N.L.; Richards, G.T.; Schlegel, D.J.; Voges, W.; Anderson, S.F.; Harris, H.C.; Brinkmann, J.
The Stellar Population of LINER and Transition Galaxies 297 Schmitt, H.R.; Fernandes, R.C.; Gonzalez Delgado, R.M.; Storchi-Bergmann, T.; Martins, L.; Heckman, T.M.
X-ray Studies   
X-raying Active Galaxies Found and Missed by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 303 Brandt, W.N.; Schneider, D.P.; Vignali, C.
The Power of Exploratory Chandra Observations 313 Gallagher, S.C.; Richards, G.T.; Brandt, W.N.; Chartas, G.
X-rays from the Dawn of the Modern Universe: Chandra and SMM-Newton Observations of z > 4 Quasars 317 Vignali, C.; Brandt, W.N.; Schneider, D.P.
X-ray Emitting AGN Unveiled by the Chandra Multiwavelength Project 321 Silverman, J.D.; Green, P.J.; Aldcroft, T.L.; Kim, D.-W.; Barkhouse, W.; Cameron, R.A.; Wilkes, B.J.
A Sample of X-Ray Active Extragalactic Sources Suitable for NIR Adaptive Optics Observations 325 Zuther, J.; Eckart, A.; Straubmeier, C.; Voges, W.
XMM-Newton Observations of the FR II Radio-Loud BAL Quasar FIRST J1016+5209 329 Schaefer, J.J.; Brotherton, M.S.; Gregg, M.D.; Becker, R.H.; Laurent-Muehleisen, S.A.; Lacy, M.; White, R.L.
Properties and Evolution of the Highly Ionized Gas in MR 2251−178 333 Kaspi, S.; Netzer, H.; Chelouche, D.; George, I.M.; Turner, T.J.; Nandra, K.
Evidence for Ionized Accretion Disks from Radio-quiet AGNs with Steep X-ray Spectra 337 Dewangan, G.C.
Radio Studies   
Unveiling Radio Loudness in Quasars 343 Cirasuolo, M.; Celotti, A.; Magliocchetti, M.; Danese, L.
Quasar Radio Dichotomy: Two Peaks, or not Two Peaks, That is the Question 347 Ivezic, Z.; Richards, G.T.; Hall, P.B.; Lupton, R.H.; Jagoda, A.S.; Knapp, G.R.; Gunn, J.E.; Strauss, M.A.; Schlegel, D.; Steinhardt, W.; Siverd, R.J.
Exploring the Radio Properties of Radio Quiet Quasars 351 Glikman, E.; Helfand, D.J.; Becker, R.H.; White, R.L.
Volume-limited SDSS/FIRST Quasars and the Radio Dichotomy 357 Jester, S.; Kron, R.G.
A Search for Radio-loud Quasars within the Epoch of Reionization 361 Jarvis, M.J.; Rawlings, S.; Barrio, F.E.; Hill, G.J.; Bauer, A.; Croft, S.
Mining the Sky for Blazars 365 Perlman, E.S.; Padovani, P.; Landt, H.; Giommi, P.; Perri, M.
Polarization and Variability   
QSO Polarization in the Era of Deep Surveys and Large Telescopes 371 Schmidt, G.D.
VLT-Spectropolarimetry of BAL QSOs 377 Burch, U.; Schmid, H.M.
The Shape of the Big Blue Bump as Revealed by Spectropolarimetry 381 Antonucci, R.; Kishimoto, M.; Boisson, C.; Blaes, O.
Optical/UV Quasar Continuum Variability: Time Lag, Luminosity, Wavelength, Redshift, Radio, X-Ray, and BAL Dependence 385 Wilhite, B.; Vanden Berk, D.; Kron, R.
Multiepoch Sky Surveys and the Lifetime of Quasars 389 Martini, P.; Schneider, D.P.
Variable Galactic Nuclei Detected with the Hubble Space Telescope 393 Sarajedini, V.L.
Optical Continuum Variability of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies 397 Klimek, E.S.; Gaskell, C.M.; Hedrick, C.H.
High Redshift Quasars as Probes of Early Star Formation 403 Dietrich, M.; Hamann, F.; Vestergaard, M.
A Metallicity—Accretion-Rate Relation in AGN 407 Shemmer, O.; Netzer, H.; Maiolino, R.; Oliva, E.; Croom, S.; Corbett, E.
Iron Emission in z ≈ 6 QSOs and its Possible Implications 411 Corbin, M.R.; Freudling, W.; Korista, K.T.
FeII/MgII, [Fe/Mg] Ratios and High-z Quasars 415 Korista, K.; Kodituwakku, N.; Corbin, M.; Freudling, W.
The Origin of Fe II Emission in AGN 419 Baldwin, J.A.; LaCluyze, A.; Ferland, G.J.; Hamann, F.; Korista, K.T.
Quasar Surveys, Clustering, Counts, and Evolution   
The SDSS Quasar Survey 425 Schneider, D.P.; Fan, X.; Hall, P.B.; Jester, S.; Richards, G.T.; Stoughton, C.; Strauss, M.A.; SubbaRao, M.; Vanden Berk, D.E.; Anderson, S.F.; Brandt, W.N.; Gunn, J.E.; Trump, J.R.; York, D.G.; the SDSS Collaboration
z ∼ 6 Quasars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 431 Fan, X.; Strauss, M.A.; Richards, G.T.; Gunn, J.E.; Lupton, R.H.; Schneider, D.P.; Pentericci, L.; Rix, H.-W.; the SDSS Collaboration
Counts of Low-redshift SDSS Quasar Candidates 437 Ivezic, Z.; Lupton, R.H.; Johnston, D.E.; Richards, G.T.; Hall, P.B.; Schlegel, D.; Fan, X.; Munn, J.A.; Yanny, B.; Strauss, M.A.; Knapp, G.R.; Gunn, J.E.; Schneider, D.P.
A Deep Wide-Field Infrared Survey for Quasars 441 Green, R.F.; Croom, S.; Warren, S.; Hall, P.B.; Brown, M.; Dey, A.; Jannuzi, B.; Smith, M.G.; Norman, D.; Tiede, G.; Smith, P.S.
AGN Population and Luminosity Function in the Sloan Digital Sky 445 Hao, L.; Strauss, M.
Uncovering the Missing Active Galactic Nuclei: The 2MASS Bright Seyfert Sample 449 Malkan, M.
The Cosmological Evolution of Quasars and Their Environments 453 Matteo, T.D.; Springel, V.; Croft, R.A.C.; Hernquist, L.
AGN Physics from QSO Clustering 457 Croom, S.M.; Boyle, B.J.; Shanks, T.; Outram, P.; Smith, R.J.; Miller, L.; Loaring, N.; Kenyon, S.; Couch, W.
Probing the Evolution of AGN 463 Hoyle, F.; Vogeley, M.; Vanden Berk, D.; Voges, W.; Fan, X.
Clustering of Identical Quasars in the SDSS First Data Release 467 Trump, J.R.; Schneider, D.P.; Richards, G.T.
Finding Large Structures in Inhomogeneous Surveys 471 Newman, P.R.
SDSS DR1 Data Distribution 475 Stoughton, C.; Jester, S.