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Paper: RASS Detected Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies in the SDSS
Volume: 311, AGN Physics with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Page: 273
Authors: Gallo, L.C.; Boller, T.; Voges, W.; Anderson, S.F.; Agueros, M.A.; Vanden Berk, D.E.
Abstract: We present initial results of a study comparing SDSS NLS1 and BLS1 which have also been detected in the RASS. An examination of the SDSS colors and magnitudes show that NLS1 and BLS1 are very similar, further emphasizing that these objects are fundamentally the same; however, there are subtle differences. For example, NLS1 are slightly brighter and bluer than typical BLS1. A potentially interesting result is the relation between the X-ray photon index and the SDSS magnitudes. There is a possibility that soft X-ray Seyferts may be intrinsically fainter than their harder counterparts. This relation still requires further investigation, but, it may be indicative of a smaller mass black hole in these lower luminosity NLS1.
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