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Paper: A Deep Wide-Field Infrared Survey for Quasars
Volume: 311, AGN Physics with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Page: 441
Authors: Green, R.F.; Croom, S.; Warren, S.; Hall, P.B.; Brown, M.; Dey, A.; Jannuzi, B.; Smith, M.G.; Norman, D.; Tiede, G.; Smith, P.S.
Abstract: We report preliminary results from a survey to construct a complete, near-IR selected sample of quasars. We are using the unique deep optical and near-IR imaging in the NOAO Deep Wide-Field Survey (BW RIJHK), which will cover 18 deg2. The scientific goals are i) to compare the completeness of UVX and K excess samples; ii) detect a complete sample of quasars in the "redshift desert" 2.5<z<3.2; iii) determine the population fraction of red quasars; iv) measure the K-band luminosity function to z=4. Initial spectroscopic runs with WIYN/Hydra and WHT/WYFFOS were designed to test our color selection efficiency.
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