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Paper: Modeling AGN Spectra with PHOENIX: A Self-consistent Approach
Volume: 311, AGN Physics with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Page: 231
Authors: Casebeer, D.; Baron, E.A.; Branch, D.; Leighly, K.
Abstract: We find that spectra of certain Iron Low Ionization Broad Absorption Line (FeLoBAL) QSOs -- characterized by low-ionization emission and blue shifted absorption lines -- can be well matched with the spectral synthesis code SYNOW. SYNOW is a resonance scattering code and assumes that line emission comes from a single line forming region. This interpretation is novel since traditionally line emission and absorption in BALQSOs are thought to come from two different regions. We extend this analysis by using the detailed PHOENIX code to model the spectra. We present a SYNOW fit and a preliminary model result from PHOENIX.
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