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Paper: Post-Starburst Quasars in the 2dF and SDSS
Volume: 311, AGN Physics with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Page: 285
Authors: Brotherton, M.S.; Diamond-Stanic, A.; Vanden Berk, D.E.; Burton, R.; Croom, S.
Abstract: Post-starburst quasars are those quasars that possess Balmer jumps and high-n Balmer absorption lines indicative of luminous stellar populations with ages on order of 100 Myr. These objects, a few percent of quasars, may be an evolutionary stage in the transition of ultraluminous infrared galaxies into normal quasars, or simply a type of galaxy interaction that triggers both star formation and nuclear activity. They may show how black hole mass/bulge mass correlations arise. The new large quasar surveys allow the characterization of the post-starburst quasar population.
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