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Paper: Iron Emission in z ≈ 6 QSOs and its Possible Implications
Volume: 311, AGN Physics with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Page: 411
Authors: Corbin, M.R.; Freudling, W.; Korista, K.T.
Abstract: We have obtained low-resolution near-infrared spectra of five SDSS QSOs at 5.3 < z < 6.3 using the NICMOS instrument of the Hubble Space Telescope. We find evidence of emission in the Fe II complex centered near 2500 Å (rest) in all five objects. We estimate Fe II / Mg II λ2800 flux ratios comparable to those measured in QSOs at lower redshifts, which indicate metallicities near or above the solar level. We discuss the possible implications of this result assuming the iron enrichment to have been produced mainly by Type Ia supernovae.
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