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Paper: Volume-limited SDSS/FIRST Quasars and the Radio Dichotomy
Volume: 311, AGN Physics with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Page: 357
Authors: Jester, S.; Kron, R.G.
Abstract: Much evidence has been presented in favor of and against the existence of two distinct populations of quasars: radio-loud and radio-quiet. The SDSS differs from earlier optically selected quasar surveys in the large number of quasars and the targeting of FIRST radio source counterparts as quasar candidates. This allows a qualitatively different approach of constructing a series of samples at different redshifts which are volume-limited with respect to both radio and optical luminosity. This technique avoids any biases from the strong evolution of quasar counts with redshift and potential redshift-dependent selection effects. We find that optical and radio luminosities of quasars detected in both SDSS and FIRST are not well correlated within each redshift shell, although the fraction of radio detections among optically selected quasars remains roughly constant at 10% for z ≤ 3.2. The distribution in the luminosity-luminosity plane does not appear to be strongly bimodal. The optical luminosity function is marginally flatter at higher radio luminosities.
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